Wild Whirlwinds Tasting all the textures. Heart wrenching emotions. Gratitude. Gifts and seeming curses. Smelling all aroma floating in the air. The scent of death and decay leaving room for a fresh flower to bloom. Looking around, natural geography. Mountains, valleys, forests, oceans, deserts, snowy icecaps, plains, and meadows. Bustling cities and timid towns. Faces of young and old. Problems, doubts, fears, hope, renewal, light, rebirth. New eyes seeing with each moment arising. Only this freshness witnessing the mystery. Colors Exploding All spectrums of colors […]

Whirlwinds of Spacetime

They say each seed we plant grows into a mighty tree. I have seen this to be true. Every action grows a mighty tree. We must be careful with the seeds we sew because all energy output we do receive in return. There are many things we do in this life out of ignorance, simply not knowing and understanding the  impact, spreading poison through each breath. There are other times where we share our love and beauty only leaving magic in our wake. Through experience […]

Infinite Expansion

May we walk with Grace as we learn our most valuable lessons, They can be most heart wrenching ones. Sometimes they can be as painful as a murder scene in our heart. One thing we must always notice is what carries the pain we experience. What is it that holds this temporary heartache? Is it not an infinite source of an undeniable ever permeating love? Something ever so still and silent that it can embrace all that comes? Through all joy, excitement, sorrow, and […]

Murder Scene of The Heart, All Is Grace

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Tears of liquid gold stream down my face. Tears that cleanse all that does not serve me. Tears that refresh my spirit and expand my being. I find that any pain experienced within this body is equally as valuable as joy. Neither is higher or lower than the other, they are both teachers. I invite myself to always feel fully and to never push away what arises. There is a magic in this embrace of pain. The merging of light and dark that is witnessed. This […]

Tears of Liquid Gold

Within us there is no separation between us and those we meet. We are all transparent and share the same core. We come to reveal and show each other different aspects of self that are hidden. With the exposing of each aspect we free ourselves from bondage. Each relationship is a key that opens and expands us. Each being we meet is intertwined with us. No one you have ever met is by accident. We are all planting seeds within each other. We are opening the door to the heart in […]

FALSEHOOD: Happiness Comes When Something Is Acquired or Achieved

  What if? What if we stopped worrying about each step we take? What if we continuously moved forward without a single doubt? What if we TRUSTED fully and completely in our visions and dreams? What if we lived without giving a damn what anyone thought? What if we lived without apologizing for following our heart? What if we stopped trying to explain ourselves to people that simply don’t understand our perspective? What if we could feel all beings and could hear what their […]

What If You Had One More Day?

What do our eyes speak? When our mouth is closed? What vibration is coming from inside? When we are masking a different projection from the outside? Who are we yelling at when we rage at another? Who are we loving when we love another? Is it not an energy that is always cycled back to us? Are we not giving the very thing we receive? If our face and body were not here, How would we interact with the world? When we are not […]

May We Flow Like Water

Inside. Outside. Makes no difference. All is a reflection of heart and mind. The mind can be trusted when it merges within the hearts embrace. If you feel split as two – keep coming into your heart, until you see there is only one. Entire lifetimes, searching, seeking, praying, hoping, wishing~ To discover this infinite moment. The only constant beyond all the movement is the vastness that is here. Transcending all that you give power to. All those weakening thoughts that drain your energy, all […]

You Are Pure Awareness

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We must be strong enough to let our hearts be ripped open. To be stomped on, sliced up, and shot at least a million times. As we continue to bloom and discover in our own lives, There will be many that will love and hate us. This is the beauty of contrast. We should not be so concerned with the love or hate received by others, but the sincere heart that Wishes to share itself with undeniable knowing that the music must emerge. Will we […]

Dancing In The Shadows & The Light

I worship the ground you walk on… Without knowing why. Each moment with you is infinite. Therefore, I need no time with you. You come into my life like the wind And I feel your warm breeze on my face when you are away. My heart only desires to never know what will come, For this mystery brings eternal joy to my heart. I want to experience all you have to show me, With the highest surrendering to what needs to be seen. I am […]

Poem: The Infinite One