3 Ways To Transition With Grace After A Breakup <3

So…I know breakups can be a difficult thing, especially a fresh break up. But please, let’s be real here. This break up didn’t come out of the blue. There are ALWAYS indicators of break ups on the verge of happening. Is it possible to have a smooth transition after a break up? Yes, absolutely. 3 things you MUST know to have a smooth transition after a break up <3


  1. You must first know that anyone who leaves your life is only making room for a better match. You may have thought this person was the one, but if you broke up take that as a BIG indicator they are NOT the most compatible match for you. There is someone who is out there that will come at the perfect timing in your life in the most flawless way. I have NEVER looked for a partner, because I don’t need to. Having the attitude and knowing that EVERYTHING IS DIVINE TIMING we don’t have to look for anyone because naturally we will be drawn to the one we need to meet. A search does not need to occur. It is much more magical when we let nature do the work. Many people forget that there is a better match for them, so they spend too much time mourning over their break up. Crying and being sad for a bit is natural, but PLEASE don’t have a pity party. This state comes from a lack of not knowing who you are and its probably good that you are single now. We have all been there…don’t feel bad, be thankful you can have alone time to get to know your beautiful self. Remember, if this partner is out of your life now, there is a better match for you coming. Celebrate and enjoy your freedom!d34edf612ced47df86d6435a66cbd65c
  2. This break up is an amazing time that you have to be with your own damn self! Do you know how precious this time is?! Celebrate it! You have your time to work on any project that you are excited about and to check in with yourself and contemplate about your breakup and life. This is a time for you to ENJOY. Life only opens us up more if we remain open ourselves. Keeping our heart open and light is extremely important. Sometimes we can close up after a heart break, but it can also be a time when we rip ourself even more to expand instead of contract. So many times people can shut out others during this time, but it isn’t necessary. Beautiful lessons are in each experience with every person we have an intimate relationship with. This is a time to be thankful for the past relationship and the precious time and energy spent with that person. There is so much you have learned and so much that will continue being exposed after the relationship is over. Enjoy your new chapter now and take care of yourself like the queen that you are. daf3c5f7bd3dd519d9892748b9390d96
  3. Third thing you can do for a smooth transition is to express yourself in some way that lets any unsettled emotions about the situation calm down and balance out. Whatever it is you LOVE, do that! It can be something simple like talking to a friend that helps having the support and a listening ear. Or it could be writing, running, it could be ANYTHING that feels it helps to express and release emotions. Last thing you want to do is bottle things up. If you are feeling low and weak its OKAY. This will pass, and it’s a temporary state. However, don’t let yourself stay there because it can turn into self-sabotage. Be proactive and do things that help the energy move. The things you bottle up in this moment will only emerge later. So this is a time to be real with yourself and shake out what you need to.

Remember. EVERYTHING. Absolutely EVERYTHING is in DIVINE PERFECTION. Trust, rip open your heart and fly free beautiful Goddesses. Because you are fucking amazing. Partner no partner….through ALL the ups and down this life comes with you are amazing <3

Express Yourself <3

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