The Path from the Devil, through the Tower, to the Star

The Path from the Devil, through the Tower, to the Star

How to reach the Star? What is the path to abide in this Divine Union?
The Devil and the Tower. Two controversial archetypes of the Tarot. Many versions and stories. What do they mean to you and how do you understand the path of The Devil and how it must be guided to the Tower, leading to the Star?

The Devil is the embodiment of our darkness. The Tower our destruction. The Star, our Divine Light.

How does one lead to the other, and how can we perceive The Devil and the Tower as a divine orchestration that leads to illumination? We must see that it is through our darkness and understanding of it, that within the caverns of deep earth, bone, and blood, is the essence of Pure Light of Origin. Your supreme self that pervades all of life when we honor and abide in zero point awareness.

The Devil comes through the masks that we hide behind, the materialism we grotesquely indulge in- filling a void, instead of recognizing the light within the space, and the neglect of the hidden jewels we all carry within.

The Tower is not the destruction you think, which is shattering your comfortable life that spoils you rotten. This destruction is your saving Grace. The almighty power which removes you from a false throne and puts your head at the feet of God. It is the hand of God, that throws lightning and fury to the illusionary self, to bring awareness in its rightful place, back to our infinite God Self.

The Star is pure, infinite potentiality realized in a space with no bounds. A free soul, a wild spirit, only moving from the inmost sacred being. The Star is not given, but earned through the work of moving through the darkness of The Devil and The Tower. How can one go from point A to point Z?

If you are willing to be with your death and your destruction. You are on the right path. You have to be willing to be slaughtered to move into the energy of The Star. What is it that is being slaughtered? It will always be your ego. It can never be the truth of your being. All that is seemingly “taken,” is ripped away through the power of Grace through the path of the devil and tower. This is to liberate your being and free you into your King and Queendom. As you indulge in the power of the seductive Devil, you will be quick to realize this thirst can never be quenched. It is the thirst of the ego which is eating itself from within. The spirit of you is an unending well of Light, creating in sacred beauty, majesty, and delight, it is everything The Star embodies and lives as.

How do you honor this process and allow yourself to feel the coiled serpent hissing and writhing within? How do you let what feels most terrifying and possibly dangerous come into her Rising? What is this power and will you even survive her awakening?

The Serpent is the death of the separation with our shadow. The complete union of Dark and Light, contrast and harmony, ease and disease, it is the dance of duality which gives birth unto all of life. In the rising of the serpent up through the spine and locking in with the mouth of the goddess, the dormant power has awoken which has been hiding your full light. It is through immersing the being in the trauma, pain, irritability, turmoil, disgust, devastation, grief, fear, and paralysis that we are able to understand, wholeheartedly feel, to discover the Light concealed within that which was covered, masked, wrapped up and stored deep into the ancestral lineages and beyond. Your discoveries, awakenings, healings, growth, expansion, contractions, and all you experience when in full service to the truth of who you are, not only transforming your world, but affecting and collapsing old timelines of yourSelf are assisting to hold the Light in this Universe. You do not Rise nor can you assist in the Rising light by not diving straight into the darkest caverns and allowing the Light to awaken the writhing serpent into its royalty. The choice as these energies arise is to be with them immediately as they come. Knowing that nothing is more important than this transformation to take place. The longer this process is delayed the more fury builds within the serpent, the more uncomfortable you will become, and deep depression will set in.

If you feel this way, if you work with people who do, or if there is anyone in your life that is in this space, know this is one of the most sacred doorways to move through. The time to pay attention is always available right now. It is a choice to keep waiting and putting energies and inner work off until later. In the mean time, dreams keep getting left behind, power is weakened, and the serpent lay writhing, until she is understood and awakened into true power of Light by understanding and giving space to the Dark. The Star is always the guiding light, the inner voice of the Soul that always knows what your Great Work is and what your Soul deeply desires. The Star is the answer that no one can give you, only you can recognize your souls work here. Let the death and destruction of the Devil and the Tower lead you to the rising of your coiled serpent, so that you may join the duality within and walk fully as King and Queen of your inner throne.