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The Death Card | Moonchild Tarot

You are the flaming phoenix risen. The celebration of burying the dead bones while timelessness changes seasons through magick and mysterious force, growing a mighty oak from where those bones…

Death Card, The Wild Unknown Tarot

To be fooled by the appearance of this card is to miss the tremendous power that lives here. Although all you might see is darkness, death, and endings, it is this very destruction which replaces your personal eyes with the one eye of Great Spirit. The loss and destruction in all forms, inner and outer, takes place to assist the evolution of the Spirit. All masks of God are used to assist your discovery of original source. To trust this change is to place your trust in a deeper union of self- to remove that which has outgrown an old paradigm. The original tarot did not have the name Death as card XIII. It was a nameless card. Do not be swayed by the modern name of death, for this is beginning of a new life replacing you as pure spirit.

The World, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The World appears like the eye of the Universe. A white inner circle, signifying clarity of vision, is surrounded by a black abyss with 6 flowers rotating in harmony around the ring. The next layer is snake skin, representing the infinite wholeness, and the death and life cycles of the serpent biting its own tail. The outer ring is rainbow colors, encompassing the entire spectrum of vibrations you experience in your life. There is balance, peace, expansion, and wholeness present. The background shows the light of day and the dark starry night, reflecting the embodiment of shadow and light in each of us. Such depth and beauty of yourself exists as you see how both light and dark are serving your highest expression. This shows you the contrast of experience, therefore, you move into higher realms of light.

The Path from the Devil, through the Tower, to the Star

How to reach the Star? What is the path to abide in this Divine Union?
The Devil and the Tower. Two controversial archetypes of the Tarot. Many versions and stories. What do they mean to you and how do you understand the path of The Devil and how it must be guided to the Tower, leading to the Star?

Ten of Swords, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Ten of Swords Ten of Swords represents the embodiment of victimhood and its great release. Victimhood is a trap of the mind, which keeps you in a lower vibrational state…

Eight of Cups / Three of Wands / Lust {Strength}

Penetrate the past with inner eye of hawk high piercing holy perspective. Discover your answer through tracing alluring light luminosity of purposely forgotten fractal memory. Tune and refine your inner…

Five of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Five of Cups Five of Cups immediately evokes a feeling of sadness and despair. The color of the horse is white, symbolizing purity and innocence. The horse’s head hangs low…

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