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Ten of Swords, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Ten of Swords Ten of Swords represents the embodiment of victimhood and its great release. Victimhood is a trap of the mind, which keeps you in a lower vibrational state…

Six of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Six of Pentacles Six of Pentacles communicates through a pure white branch, bearing six fiery pentacles. After the darkness of the Five of Pentacles, your are now experiencing an opening…

Eight of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Eight of Wands illustrates a circle of wands meeting at the center, with a rainbow lightning bolt striking from the top. This jolt of energy has been waiting to burst forth. A creative project that has been marinating is ready to be reengaged with and come to completion. Eight of Wands is a new project coming forth with no distractions present, only focused passion. There is a balance here with aligned action and creative raw ideas, working simultaneously for a vision to fully luxuriate.

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