About Mira Sol Wisdom

//Somehow I began to share & write//

Beginning with my rambles, inspired by a best friend/partner who was openly writing and sharing so freely. I had no idea that there was a community of online sharing happening to the degree it has evolved to. I decided to start sharing insight and whatever intuitively felt to move through. My first blog was basically me rambling about my journey from California to Hawaii. I committed myself to writing daily for a consistent period. I feel that life was teaching me to use my voice and what I normally don’t share. I began to fall in love with the process as I was writing every morning…

while drinking my coffee:D

At some point in time//Tarot came into play//

I was gifted The Wild Unknown Deck that became a tool of discovery, exploration, shadow work, and an unexpected way for me to explore myself more deeply. I would have laughed a few years ago if I would’ve known that I would be writing a Tarot Blog!!! Now I find it as a tool all people can use for introspection and contemplation. But alas….here I am, in love with Tarot.

What you will find on my blog is my own unique interpretations on all 78 Wild Unknown Cards. These interpretations will change, morph, and shift. My next process will be to write reversals for all 78 cards. These posts are written from my experience and intuition and trusting what comes through as I write. As I evolve, change, and grow, the interpretation will do the same. Before taking in what I write, sit with yourself and the cards allowing yourself to feel and see what needs to arise within you. So often we can rush for someones interpretation before we have our own time to feel and digest. Our experiences are unique and each one to be honored. Even if you feel you don’t know cards well, they will trigger certain responses. Listen. Allow the cards to strengthen your inner listening to life and yourself. As we listen we begin to open and trust. As we trust we become drawn to use tools which serve the highest, and this will also change throughout our journey. They are only tools, with the opportunity to reconnect us within our being and move like water.


//Love The Tarot As A Tool//

//It Will Uncover Magic If You Are Open//

//Let The Real Work Reveal Itself//