Anti Manifestor, Inspiration Flows Now


There is a lot of talk about manifesting your dreams in the world today. Maybe people aren’t happy with where they are now? Maybe they need to imagine another life so they can have something to look forward to? Perhaps not seeing the beauty they are now? As much as it sounds amazing to create what we THINK we may want, life always has another much more beautiful plan. One full of magic when we surrender to the inspiration of the moment instead of trying to control a specific outcome of an ideal future. What inspires us right now? In this moment? What feels like magic dripping from our pores now? Why not create what inspires us in the moment instead of trying to manifest some ideal outcome later? Trying to get somewhere later is essentially saying to ourself that we aren’t seeing the magic in right now. When we rest in the magic of the moment and breathe in the beauty we are now, we don’t need to imagine a better future or try to become something amazing later. The amazing we wish for comes from our natural inspired beauty in this moment. Not from an imagined one. What you IMAGINE now can also be created right now. It can be a simple movement that creates from the space that is inspired. This movement is complete and beautiful in itself without needing something from later. Doing what you love for the sake of joy instead of wanting something from it later. Can we appreciate a creative expression, experience, or another human being without holding on to what may happen with it?


Our inspiration changes and shifts like the sands of the desert. Who told you that you must focus on one goal and stick to that only? For some this may be perfect. There is an inspiration that flows through them in one direction and they put their entire being in each moment with a specific movement. That is a beautiful expression for those it flows through in that way. For others there may be a continuing exploration of different forces that seep into many aspects of their life. What feels natural for you now? What is an inspired movement that aligns within you in the most natural way? Is there enough space inside to feel life in this way, or is there clutter and an overload of things that seem to mask this natural intuitiveness? There is no wrong way to feel inspired. Why not simply move as we are called? We will all make this look very different. We can have an image in our mind of what we want and put so much stress on ourselves to attain this we completely become distracted of the fullness and inspiration that is in front of us now. As we intuitively move we naturally know what to do or where to go. This is always a movement of our divine expression bursting forward. We will see how our creation takes place no matter where we are, no matter who we are surrounded by, and no matter what is going on in life.

Inspiration will flow because we are divine inspiration itself. No matter what circumstance we seem to be in, our light will continue to find its way in physical form. The more relaxation comes into the body and the more stress of future leaves the body, this becomes clear. The more creation will shine and be allowed to move through because there is a natural permission for this to be. We cannot get tied up into what will happen later, as that will be a distraction of the beauty and rawness of now. We can make plans and have goals, but why not leave room for the real magic to be expressed in our daily life? Rigidity of plans can block out the magic that is here in every moment.

What is it that comes forth from our being right now? It can be as simple as taking a walk. As we move with intuition we see that sometimes these movements made can seem to be scary in the beginning. As we witness time and time again these movements have ALWAYS been the most perfect creation for our experience. We need to trust that we know what wants to emerge from us. The more we trust, relax, and have gratitude for being here, the more we flow like water.

We are divine expressions.

Creativity pours through us fluidly when we relax into our naturalness.


Express Yourself <3

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