Beauty Within Beauty Without <3



All changes occuring within you occur without you.

The more beauty is seen within you is also seen without.

Don’t focus your energy so much on the outer play, simply let it unfold.

Your inner shifts and changes naturally appear on the outside.

What is it you see on the inside?

Beauty? Love? This magnificent creation?

Darkness? Fear? Pain?

Is it not okay to go through hardship, or do you force yourself to be positive because you think this is the “right way to be”

It is okay to let all movements move through you.

They are all dancing through your being.

Let all movements flow with grace.

As we speak of inner and outer beauty I encourage you to let your authentic self show through your form to the garments you wear. Whether you follow fashion trends or not makes no difference. To each one beauty is defined in different ways.

The question I ask you is do you allow yourself to be authentic in the way you dress or do you conform to how your partner, parents, friends, or society wants you to look?

Do you dress for yourself as a natural, artful expression or do you need approval to feel like a Queen?

When you begin to acknowledge your eternal beauty, beauty that is so vast it can never be pinpointed or come to an end. You don’t need to be so small as to be concerned with how you may appear to the outside world. You start to see there is no outside world and all you see is appearing in you.

So as you wake up in the morning start your morning rituals or drag your self out of bed, however that may happen…remember that you are a unique fucking queen and its a shame to hide your gifts and beauty.

Dress yourself how you wish to play for the day, think of yourself as if its the last day you will be here and see how you adorn yourself with magic. Your inner recognition of your own beauty is far more important than what you wear everyday, but do not be afraid to let that beauty play and frolic as you move through this world. If you are simple and natural it is not above or below another who gets glammed up. It is simply a preference and are equally a beautiful expression of self.



No matter what you do or how you appear your vibration and subtleties moving through you are what is communicating to the world, more so than anything you can ever put on. This doesn’t mean you should wear your sweats all day;) Unless of course you have a bad case of pms and need to cry and eat chocolate all day, this is also completely allowed:)

I encourage you to recognize your inner beauty but don’t neglect your outer beauty because you rationalize it and think you aren’t allowed to have fun with your canvas. Have fun with your body and style and let it naturally express its unique sexy.

You are a Queen.

Don’t be afraid to enjoy this Kingdom of Heaven we find ourselves in.




Express Yourself <3

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