Can Self Confidence Be Effortless?


Are you paranoid about appearing a certain way? Do you know that the way you look and feel is a reflection of your vibration? Do you not feel damn good when you are clear inside? I want to share what my definition of TRUE confidence is…no no it’s not just when you look smokin’ hot. I will share how to become in alignment with your confident nature and how to not give two shits how anyone perceives you. Its simpler than you think. Why is this important? Because getting out of your own damn head will allow you to move freely in this world.

Confidence (in my opinion) has more to do with our inner state than what we look like. It is a feeling of overall wellness that embodies the vibration of health, vibrancy, and a deep appreciation for being here. A confidant person is more concerned with how they are ACTUALLY doing than how they APPEAR to be doing. These people generally don’t like the statement “fake it ’til you make it” but more so enjoy the honesty of what is real. True confidence is something that comes from being one with source and taking lightly any talk of past or future projections. Confident people know that all is arising from this very moment and the alignment with now. Remember, this is my experience this far, you can add, delete, or change, according to your understanding of what confidence is. This is how we play, learn, and expand:)


How can you become in alignment with being confident? First, stop trying to change how you look on the outside as a primary concern. This is fun, trust me I love fashion, makeup, hair, all that good stuff. But if you place too much energy here you will look damn good but your relationship with yourself will be empty and unfulfilling. You have been paying too much attention to how your ass looks in those jeans….not that it’s a bad thing, but first pay attention to your vibration. Know that when you are vibrating as source energy, anything that comes or goes in your life will not be seen as a problem. When you are in touch that YOU ARE awareness and you are not someone who has or controls awareness you will see that you come before all feelings, actions, or thoughts. If this is confusing for you sit in your own presence for awhile and simply be here. There is nothing you have TO DO to be awareness. You simply already are. Its also not a big deal like many think it is when they end up becoming overly cocky because they think they “have awareness” and others do not. This is simply not true. WE are ALL awareness all we have to do is simply shift our awareness HERE instead of paying so much attention to what is coming and going. Confidence naturally is an expression of this state because it is the connection of all that is and the realization that we are not separated from anything here. Within confidence one can cry, laugh, look happy, or sad, even angry. Confidence does not mean that you only appear smiling all the time. It means you honor the natural flow of life and all can occur within your presence. There is NO specific look for what this is. Remember this. You already ARE connected to source, you are not separated. When you forget this simply sit with yourself again to remind yourself that there is no disconnect. Disconnect occurs in thoughts, not in being. Nature can help tremendously with the reminder of our connectedness. Nature is constantly reminding us of our original nature. Remember, whatever arises is not necessarily true, it only becomes true when you give it the power of belief. If you have many negative thoughts coming YOU have the power to stay with your presence and not feed those beasts any more juice. If you are ever feeling hopeless and lost, this will also pass. It is not your original self. Give your thoughts less power over you, you can cut the cord. From your source is where TRUE confidence arises, no cockiness or arrogance, it is a loving confidence that embraces all that arises and falls within ones life. This is your true power.

Why should you not give a damn how you are perceived by others? The more you care, the more tight you will be and identify with your body. If you put your power in someone else’s hands you will be living life on a rollercoaster depending on others approval for “confidence.” Any confidence you acquire in this was will only be upholding a false identity. This will never be satisfying as you will always be changing yourself to fit into the IDEA of how someone else wants you. Remember, whatever image you create for yourself is only an IMAGE. It is not the core of who you are. So the more that one relies on this, the more unfulfilled one will be. The charade can last for awhile, but at some point life will set you straight to remind you who you really are beyond any identity. So best thing is to drop that shit to the ground and move in this life in accordance with who you really are. Beyond any image, relationship, work, hobby, or talent you may have. You are beyond all these things yet all of these are still part of your life. As you stay with presence you will feel how your true confidence emerges without effort. Any answer you need is in this space of presence. The more you see this is true the less you need to seek for answers elsewhere. Everything I share is from what I have discovered along my journey. I share because I see many people suffering with things that they do not have to. As we shift our energy our whole world shifts around us. Your perspective is everything.



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