Check In With Yourself


I want to ask you…Is it challenging to do what you love? Do you feel guilty for doing things that you enjoy because you think you should be doing something differently? Is it a greater challenge to do what you don’t like…going to a job you really don’t enjoy?

Or spending time with people who don’t inspire you?

I like to think of one day as my ENTIRE life. When you see a day as an entire lifetime it puts a lot into perspective. How are you spending today? Are you running around frustrated and don’t even have time to think about the things that bring you joy, or are you working on a project that fills you with excitement and energy? How are you feeling today? Are you in gratitude and thanks for your experience here or are you perpetually putting yourself in the same circumstances that drain your sweet energy?

Take the time to think about your work, your habits, environment, daily energy levels and how you feel, who you surround yourself with, and all the things in one day that you are merging with. Are you thinking of your day in positive regard or does it make you sick just contemplating about what you THINK you need to do in a day?

I remember one day quitting a corporate job because I decided to live in Peru for 6 weeks. I decided to quit in the middle of my shift on a beautiful sunny day. I was in a good mood, having a great time at work. But I remember having such clarity that I NEED TO LEAVE THIS PLACE, it was easy and comfortable…in no way fulfilling. Only paying bills, but not fulfilling my soul. There was a cashier who was working with me and as I was cleaning out my locker in the back office. She asked me, “What are you doing?” She asked in a way that was completely baffled. I looked at her with a huge smile and said, “I just quit and I’m going to Peru” It felt very normal to me as I tend to make really big decisions in an instant when I feel it in my heart. I remember her reaction so clearly, she was in shock and had been working as a cashier for at least 20 years. She was exhausted. She hadn’t been doing what she loved and that was quite clear. Everytime I saw her in the mornings I would great her with a smile and goodmorning and she could barely say it back, eventually I stopped saying it because of her bitter expression.  She asked me as I was leaving, “What are you going to do about bills? Feeding yourself? Living?” I was still smiling big because I was so happy that I was just about to go adventure in Peru….”I don’t know, I’ll figure it out.” This seemed to infuriate her. She told me I was crazy and as I looked in her eyes I could see that we both thought the other one was crazy. I think it is INSANE to keep doing things that make you tired and drained, feeling like a robot. We were very different and that was okay. She was a reminder of why it was so important for me to leave work, she was a teacher. I wasn’t about to continue working there and give my creative energy to a corporate vampire that treated me like a number. Seems extremely silly now. Going to Peru was exactly what I needed. I was there with such beautiful beings that cared about how they were living and were vibrant and radiant. Peru released my creativity to start drawing again and ever since then I haven’t stopped.  It was a huge reminder to do what I enjoy and CREATE. It was the exact medicine I needed to listen more deeply and continue what brings me deep joy.

We need to remember to pause and think about what really brings us joy. We are NOT here to merely exist and pay bills. I would rather struggle doing something I absolutely love and rise above that hurdle than do something I hate that is merely paying my bills. We have an amazing mind full of creativity and beauty. Let us use it to create and build a life that is an alignment with what brings us highest joy. This joy is not only for YOU to enjoy, but many beings become inspired by your own light as you do what you love.

Take time to listen deeply to what your heart truly yearns for.

Sending love~

Express Yourself <3