CLEARING THE AIR!!! Springtime Intentions



Is intention setting important? If you have specific visions that you would like to bring into physical form, YES it can help tremendously. Each person can benefit from writing down goals or intentions. Setting intentions, goals, dreams, aids in bringing your visions into reality. A dream stays a dream unless action is taken to bring it to physical form. If we have ideas about embarking on a specific journey, the physical ACT of writing immediately starts the process of doing instead of dreaming. Taking your vague thoughts onto a tangible sheet of paper is the first step. Your vision then begins to take shape because it isn’t floating around in lala land tangled up with so many ideas. Some are unclear about a vision and some know exactly what they want to do. Writing down thoughts and feelings about a vision can be very clarifying for people already walking their path and those who are feeling things out. There are times when we are so caught up in many things we don’t truly value and love. Becoming a hamster on a wheel. It is time to PAUSE. Take a seat, sip on a cup of coffee, and bust out a notebook or journal. Time to write down what the heart wishes to express. This is for YOUR heart to express fully and for us to not die hiding our gifts and talents. This is the first action, writing and bringing life into your vision. <3

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It is the beginning of a new month, Spring is here!!! The freshness of the Spring air aids in clarifying visions or completely creating new ones. I enjoy writing things down because I’m an idea person, a never ending well of MANY ideas. This can be fantastic, but not if there is no focus. So, the first thing I do to clarify is begin to choose a place I feel relaxed, happy, and beautiful. For myself I enjoy to be outside when I am writing, or go to my favorite room in the house that is full of positive energy. Environment and beauty can assist tremendously for inspiration and creation. So here we go!!!


As you are writing please be COMPLETELY honest with all crazy and wild fantasies you normally keep to yourself. This writing is for YOU not for anyone else to see. So let your heart do the talking and be honest with your visions and dreams that ARE possible for you to create. This is a time to get out of your own way and be honest with yourself. Imagine if you were on your death bed, what are 3 things you feel you MUST do before your body leaves here? Remember, you are the only one who will see this. Write down what is sacred to your heart.




What are three actions you can begin TODAY to start the process of accomplishing these 3 visions you have? They can be small actions done daily. It is the small actions and immersion of the process that allows visions to be created. If you are too concerned with the end process or destination this will cause the flow of your present moment experience to be stifled.




Are you happy with yourself now? If yes, you are probably already immersed in what brings you joy and are living a life that is in alignment with your hearts highest desire. If YES, write down 3 things you wish to accomplish in the next 3 months that add to your vision. If your answer is NO write down 3 things you could do every day that make you feel happy and fulfilled. These are things you can be doing every day that bring more space and joy into your life. (ex: exercise, health, journaling, art….it can be whatever feels good to YOU)




Is health a part of your life? Are you happy with your body? Do you feel healthy and vibrant? A lot of stagnant energy gets trapped in the body when we are not moving regularly. If you are very happy with you body, great! For you healthy people write down 3 things you are interested in trying when it comes to health. This can be nutrition or body movement you haven’t yet experimented with. For those of you lacking on the body care bandwagon write down 3 things you would like to try to get you moving.




What is your natural every day state? Are you feeling happy and vibrant? Depressed and lethargic? Your normal state is crucial to your wellbeing and creating of visions. If you are in a constant state of stress your visions are also going to be stunted and stressed. If you don’t feel connected to your source how will you be able to connect with your dreams and visions, bringing them into the manifest world? Write down 3 things which make you FEEL good. Ask yourself, are you doing these things regularly….or about once a year? It can be something as simple as taking a walk or researching a topic that you enjoy. What makes you FEEL good?




Are you happy with your line of work? If YES, great! Write down 3 things that will add to your vision that you are interested to incorporate into your line of work. Choose your favorite out of the three and write HOW you will begin working towards that vision. For those of you that HATE you line of work ask yourself, what are 3 lines of work that I have always wanted to do? What is a step you can take TODAY to start working toward your favorite vision? Remember, don’t limit yourself. You aren’t dead YET….but if you keep working that lame job, it WILL suck you dry. Write down the 3 most amazing visions you can feel vibrating with excitement within you.




Does your home environment support your visions and dreams? Do you have a room to train in if you are a personal trainer? Do you have a music room if you are a musician? Write down the vision of your home environment and BE SPECIFIC what you want and need in a home to assist you in creating your visions.









Who are three people that inspire you? Why do they inspire you? Listen to one audio or watch one youtube video every day that inspires you.





How can your work serve your heart and the hearts of others? Write down three ways that your vision helps others. We are here as co-creators. How can we impact others in a positive way with our vision?




Are you happy with your financial status? If YES, fantastic! What are 3 ways you can contribute to the world that has a positive influence on the lives of others? If you are not happy with your financial status write down 3 things you would do if you had unlimited funds at hand? Choose at least one that also impacts others lives in a positive way.




This is a great beginning for realigning our visions and dreams. We already KNOW what resonates with our heart. But sometimes we consume ourselves with so many other useless activities or work that isn’t aligned with our vision. Our VISION becomes secondary. All we have to do is tap into our source and really connect with what is fulfilling for us. Each of our visions are very different and each of them are our gifts to share with the world. We cannot allow fear to guide our life, but rise above our fear and remember what it is our heart wishes to express. Writing this is a guiding point as a reminder of what you actually want to do and what serves your heart and the hearts of others. You can change this guide specifically for YOU. This is designed as the first action to allow your visions to come forward and to not remain a distant dream. Have fun creating 🙂 




Express Yourself <3