Coffee Talk, Tune Into The Miracle


When you expect miracles and see this life as the miracle it is, your life begins to become adventurous, exciting, and vibrant. Not because you are waiting for something to happen, not because something amazing is going to happen to you later, and not because your visions or goals are going to give you something later you do not have now. You are miraculous. In this moment you are a miracle. Even the simple things that you do daily become joyful and fun when you recognize the miracle of your life. When we tune into this miracles we are opening up our energetic frequency for giving and receiving. This vibration you carry naturally, when tuned into naturally creates the opportunities in life you need to expand and grow as life is meeting you at your source vibration. This miracle, source vibration is caring for you in all that you do. As you move through this life your natural state of miraculousness is guiding you in the most effortless way. You do not need to try and manifest desires of your heart.

When tuned into your miraculous simplicity all is unfolding in divine perfection.

In this naturalness of who you are…any worry, doubt, fear, anxiety, unrest, or states that cause dis-ease within your being simply cannot stay. They may come of course, but they go quickly as you stop feeding them the juice they need to survive. Remember all of these fearful states live off of YOUR power. They do not exist on their own. The miracle of your being is the power house. Remember that. When challenges arise it is you that determines your state throughout them. Do not fear the challenges, they are always there to teach and to deepen your trust in this miracle. Life isn’t meant to be a flatline of one type of way to be. If your life has reflected many struggles and much hardship did this not strengthen you? Did you not get through it and see what a great teacher it was for you at that specific time? Always have thanks and gratitude in your heart for all that is arising. We cannot always explain the subtleties of the great unfolding as we are experiencing them. It isn’t always important to figure out and weigh every little thing. Be grateful for this magnificence. Say thank you in your heart.

Tuning into this miracle you are not waiting, you are not wanting, you are not pining for that which you so desire. You are embodying this miracle in this moment. Completely filled with gratitude. It is great to have visions and goals, but do not think they will fulfill something in you that you don’t already have now. Keep doing what naturally wants to arise from you and don’t be afraid to do what brings you joy. If you do what is in alignment with you now you will never have to wait for something grand to happen later. In this miracle everything is unfolding in divine order. Don’t worry about how it will play out in the future, for this will only bring an unrest of the miracle now.

You are amazing, and a freaking MIRACLE. 



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