My Story

Hello to the new comers and to those who have been supporting my work for a long time. I realize I haven’t told you much about my path, so here I go!
My mother is Romanian and my father is Palestinian. My mother is Christian and my father is Muslim. This truly brought many different perspectives and world views into my life since I was a very little girl, being a first generation American. I learned a tremendous amount on religion, beliefs, and culture, simply by growing up with my parents. And although living as a first generation American expanded my worldview, I also experienced a tremendous amount of emotional trauma in my home life, that I didn’t recognize and understand until I was much older. I had no idea how much this would serve as a catalyst for my own transformation and work in the world.
I considered myself to be Christian until I was 18 years old, when I met someone who changed my life forever by introducing me to zen meditation. I really had no concept of what meditation was until then, but I was intrigued. My life started to change very quickly once I started and my “old Samira” began to vanish. My life, just like when I was Christian, was devoted to God, but this new way felt more in alignment with my spirit. It all made so much sense once I began practicing. Meditation was the only thing that mattered to me for many years.
Or at least I thought…
As time passed, something within me stopped meditating and I felt extremely guilty about it at first. I wasn’t sure why I stopped. My discipline wasn’t the issue. I had incredible discipline and focus. It was something else, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It felt bigger than me…
Then one day I heard the voice of god speaking through my computer…none other than the voice of Moojibaba, speaking wisdom and truth so pure only a moron couldn’t hear it!
He actually spoke of when the consciousness is evolving beyond certain points, practices and other things may simply fall away, and to not associate too much with this – simply to stay as pure awareness. He answered something that I truly needed a masters guidance on. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears….and so it is, in fact, true.
From that point on I became obsessed with Mooji’s teachings. I could feel that there was a huge key that he definitely knew and it was what my soul was searching for. I was led and guided to him. I had never heard a voice as true as his. Through the monasteries I had been to, through being exposed to many groups of communities and people, I was never really impressed with anything I found. So I mainly stayed very quiet, lone wolf style, and spent my time discovering who I truly am as a soul.
I listened to Mooji’s teachings everyday sometimes hours and hours for years, until one day as I was sitting drawing and I finally could feel I knew what he was saying all this time. At that point I felt I had to go visit him in person, to make sure he was the real deal. So there I went, flying off again to Portugal to stay 2 weeks at Monte Sahaja. Well…he is definitely a Master, and I never experienced a more holy and pure space for soul travelers than Monte Sahaja. It was the confirmation I needed to make sure the Source I was tuning into was pure. I am forever grateful for Mooji and his relentless teachings to connect beings to the inner most holy of holies. Nothing else on earth is a greater gift than our connection to the supreme within.
Of course I can only give you a portion of my life in an about me section…
From there I continued along my way and was working at an amazing Vintage shop in Northern CA, and was gifted a tarot deck, The Wild Unknown.
Soon after I began traveling the world again on the wings of grace…in other words with barely any money or knowledge of how anything would work out. Let’s just say my intuition and trust runs deep…
As I was traveling, learning and experiencing living a very full and rich life of what I like to call “being in it,” not avoiding life, but fulling taking oneself to the edge of every cliff and jumping straight into the ocean. It’s how I roll, and how you will too, if you work with me. Gotta be a fearless warrior on this planet!
From roaming country to country and also holding space for satsang and retreat for other fellow soul travelers and truth seekers my website was born, a blog with the intent to support others on their soul journey. Each time I completed my understanding of a card, I would draw it and write on each card as I completed everything that card taught me. My intention was for it to be a space of discovering truth and empowerment, and for people to come on my site every day and connect to themselves. Now almost every single country in the world has readers on my site. I could not even believe this! At first the website started out with random tips on exercise and smoothie recipes, but as I became more comfortable writing an incredible tarot blog was born!
I remember the last day I finished the 78th card in San Francisco when I arrived back in the states from a WILD adventure. That story could be a movie in and of itself…
From arriving back from my wild adventure I really needed to be clear on what I wanted and where I wanted to go. So I went back to Northern CA for a few months to think about what I wanted to do. As I was sitting down starting to draw a tarot deck, I received an email from someone who wanted me to collaborate on a tarot deck with someone in Los Angeles, as both women lived there. It immediately felt in alignment and a strong sign to pursue the creation of a deck and move to Los Angeles. This incredible woman opened her home to me and helped me transition to LA. We all met and discussed the collaboration once I arrived.
Although this deck did not birth itself into being it was a catalyst point to move to Los Angeles and this magical woman encouraged me to start offering readings, which I felt extremely reluctant to at first. She told me I had a pentacle problem…so very true! I worked 3 jobs in Los Angeles before transitioning to working for myself, first through Airbnb, and then to owning my gifts by giving readings and focusing on my offerings through the tarot.
Story Twist…
I meet the love of my life Bryce in Mystic Journey Bookstore…we begin on our REAL mystical journey adventure together and haven’t looked back since. Apparently he had been having dreams about me since he was 10 years old…at first I thought he might be lying and he was saying this in order to win me over, (because at that time the last thing I wanted was a relationship)…but, I kept myself open ONLY for the miraculous.
So…guess what?!
The miraculous is what I got!
It takes time to open, unfold, and deepen in trust in yourself, but there is a certain point you simple have to own your power and do what you came here to do….says Samira to herself lol!
This energy of always moving towards oneself no matter what is arising is how I approach everything. This has allowed me to open the door for others to undergo real transformation through offering the Embody Your Light Transformation. This offering is me giving you all that I have learned in my entire lifetime(s) from being on this path and directing the entirety of my energy towards your transformation. Nothing is more important to me than to work with those who are willing to do the work themselves and to be of service towards the greater good of humanity.
If you are ready to transform, your chance is always found in this moment now.
It is worth it to go all the way.
You can always create a life that is aligned with your Soul Purpose.
It’s why you are here.
This world needs you.
I hope learning a little about my journey empowers you.
Love, Samira