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This portal is created to call forth the Magick to rise in our true and infinite forms of Spirit. To live and move from the deepest and most rich spaces within our being. To not be afraid to dive deeply within and discover the infinite ocean of beauty that desires to be seduced into loving attention, crystalline discovery, and unwavering continuous exploration. To move each moment in full alignment with the universal forces that reside within our powerful fields. The intention here is to evoke and spark a wild fire within dedicated to infinite reverence for ones truth to fully emerge through vigilance and grace, as one dances into higher planes of existence. May this portal be an open gate to as many beings as possible to honor their sacred path and to continue moving to higher and higher realms within. May we honor our deepest callings and follow what is harmonious and complete integrity to our souls work, here and beyond this space-time. May we hold sacred our hearts and be fearless in letting go what does not honor our true souls work. It is my honor and deepest joy to assist Starseeds to shift into Clarity + Action offering written tarot readings and guidance. As I align with what is my joy and you align with yours, Together We Rise, Elevate, and create a beautiful world.

With Magick + Love .:. Moon Magick Mira .:. Instagram @mirasolmagick