Dancing In The Shadows & The Light


We must be strong enough to let our hearts be ripped open.

To be stomped on, sliced up, and shot at least a million times.

As we continue to bloom and discover in our own lives,

There will be many that will love and hate us.

This is the beauty of contrast.

We should not be so concerned with the love or hate received by others, but the sincere heart that Wishes to share itself with undeniable knowing that the music must emerge.

Will we continue our journey and take a leap of trust, knowing that this movement must come into Fruition.

Will you take the beatings and bruises that come along with this walk or will you stay on the ground Trembling in fear when they come?

You can use all hurdles that come your way to go beyond the energies you fear.

For they are here to propel a great question of commitment to your heart and staying true to yourself.

Do not see these hardships as negative, avoiding at all costs.

Your avoidance will only be avoided for so long before it is brought to light.

This darkness you face is only testing the infinite ocean of light within you.

Use it to strengthen your internal muscles of love and discernment.

All that is here before you is for your benefit to go beyond your limits.

Do not be paranoid or afraid of the darkness.

It is a great reminder and push to recognizing the vastness of being within you.

When the darkness comes on your path, dance in its shadows to remind yourself…

It cannot touch the most intimate space within you.

Laugh and growl as you dance as the winds whisper sweet melodies in your ear.

This dancing in the shadows is the power and greatness of your being.

You quickly see that you are always dancing in the shadows and the light and how beautiful that you Are beyond both…




Trying to go deeply into one or the other you will see they are two sides of the same coin.

It is your being that remains constant within the flutter and the folly.

Allow both to play and see what ease and grace your life is.

DSC_0255 (1)

 Sending magical vibes your way.

You are awesome.

Express Yourself <3