the wild unknown death card meaning and interpretation

Death Card, The Wild Unknown Tarot 1

the wild unknown death card meaning and interpretation
     Walking down the street in Stockholm, Sweden, I came across a baby bird that had fallen from a tree. It was fragile and injured. I was unsure if I should touch or move it, but decided to pick it up from the middle of the walkway. I turned around and walked down the street running into someone I had met the day before at his restaurant. He was outside and met me on the corner of the street as I was walking toward him with the bird cupped gently in my hands. It was so perfect the way he met me as I walked toward him. He took the bird from me naturally and said he will do his best to care for it.
     The next day I went to go visit the restaurant owner and asked him how the bird was doing. He said he put it back on the grass near where I had found it. He said “It isn’t there anymore, mother nature took care of it” I felt a little sad, but knew that his words were completely true. Whatever happened to the bird was out of my control. Although I don’t know what happened to the little one, I do feel it probably died. This reminded me that we cannot stop death of any sort. Physical or spiritual. We are dying in every moment and all of these innumerable deaths are simply making room for new life to be birthed.
     A few days after I found the bird, I pulled the Death Card. The Death Card is a black and white card with a dead bird skeleton being the only part remaining. Each card pulled represents a uniqueness to each one who pulls a card, but there are common threads that weave through each experience that we can all relate to. In our unique experiences we still go through many of the same lessons as humans.
     The Death Card signifies an irrefutable authority of complete endings. The endings of false mental constructs that can no longer sustain themselves because of lack of truth. The endings of chapters within our lives that we can no longer sustain because there is no energy that wishes to go the same route any longer. The energies in the body, mind, and spirit that no longer can take up space within the being because they were of no service to the greater good and must fall away. The death card demolishes completely what can no longer be sustained because we have completely outgrown a phase that was only an opening to the vastness of our being.
     Death on every layer can feel very scary, to some, extremely exciting. When we can feel what is no longer working in our life, sometimes out of self preservation and security we try to hang on to these ways of being. However, death is a force that sweeps through our entire system and wipes clean what is no longer working. Our life may seem like a completely chaotic mess during the time we pull this card. It could also be a subtle energetic death that we can feel at the core of our being. Whatever kind of death we are experiencing, it will be felt intensely. Although, we could feel like we are going crazy and we just can’t seem to pull ourselves together. The death card is a reminder that one doesn’t need to try and hold anything together. Life is swiftly taking care of our being and this death one is experiencing is only a death that comes from a deep love that we are and the entire universe is.
     The Death Card is a blessing. It is an exciting time that could appear to be…well….a giant shit show. It is so much more than that. It is a breakdown of the false and an emerging of what is true. I have learned to be more gentle with myself. Going through intense experiences or subtle energetic movements can call for a gentleness towards oneself. It is easy to judge ourself when undergoing transformation, but we can remember this is only the serpent mind that is trying to attract the attention to the wrong space. Nothing is wrong with undergoing difficulty, hardship, or change. It is necessary for undergoing massive transformations. When we judge ourselves for what we are experiencing we are only serving the mind that is feeding off of our delusions. We can trust that each experience that comes our way is all for greater understanding and for truth to reveal itself. We do not need to be so particular about what experiences we have and only try and navigate and want experiences that seem pleasurable. All that comes can be moved through gracefully when we see the divinity in all. When we see all that comes as a gift we will not be afraid to walk through the fire.
     In my experience allowing myself to feel the feels fully and be gentle with myself is incredibly helpful. Along with saying thank you to life for everything it brings. The Death Card represents the completeness of The Wild Unknown and the death and rebirth in each moment.

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