Invisible Light Tarot Deck Review

// Invisible Light Tarot // Creatress Brandy Eve Allen //

Invisible Light. To each one of us that can evoke our own unique and intimate sense of what that means. God force, spirit, intuition, inner being, source, higher power…this thread is like a spiders web, an ungraspable force that runs through all of creation weaving a web of light that intertwines and permeates through all realms of existence. As I look at the enchantment of Invisible Light Tarot, there is an air of the images that seduce you on a journey to feel as though you are truly following a story traveling beyond the tangible world. The far away distance that is felt within the imagery stirs the feeling of reaching within the infinite depths within and what extends out into the stars and beyond. There is tremendous power in reaching within the vast nature of our being to discover new portals, multi-dimensions, and galaxies of undiscovered space. The images captured have this feeling of opening a new door within us and expanding beyond the physical into new dimensions of magic. The natural and dreamscapes captured leave an open ended sensation that allows one to go deeper within self and beyond for answers to arise. The feeling springs forth, “Is this even real?” A journey to wake up from a three dimensional dense dream into a land of mystical adventure and wonder.

“There’s a spectrum of light that nature provides us, but we are not always able to see it.  By using the tarot we bring clarity to that which is unknown.  Similar to the way the tarot cards reveal that which is hidden, infrared film is picking up light that is invisible to the human eye.”

– Brandy Eve Allen

Invisible Light Tarot was not birthed over night. Brandy’s connection and relationship developed with tarot many years ago. To this day she carries her first deck that once belonged to her mother. At first she was not aware that her photos would be creating a tarot deck. With a spark of insight Brandy began to sort through thousands of her photos and begin choosing her unique representation of each card. The whole process was fluid and each step she took was the next natural movement. As the deck depicts the elements of nature and does not encompass symbols of swords, pentacles, wands, cups like a traditional deck, there is a space which draws outward what the querent is stirred by through the images dreamy impressions. I was surprised by knowing there were no digital modifications to the images and they are raw and real as they are all taken with film. There is an alluring quality of this natural unfolding. Brandy’s trust on her journey of genuine and instinctive creation process is inspiring for the very nature of its unforced and natural blooming. This encourages trust in each one of our own channels of creation that continues to evolve and expand as we move and honor higher guidance revealing our sacred power.

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