Doors Of Opportunity Match Your Vibration


There are many doors in life that can be walked through.

If you are paying attention you will see these opportunities when they come. You may not know where the hell they lead to, but if you are following what brings you joy and do less of the things that are mundane and things you think you “have to do” miracles will start to happen. All those cliches about doing what makes you happy, following your passions, blah blah blah, yep…they are all true. We don’t have time to waste on things that drag down our spirit. Once we start noticing the constant doors that are being opened we become more expansive and realize we are not bound by anything at all. Possibilities are limitless. Investment of where you spend time and energy is crucial. If you have a passion for something and you spend more energy and time on a job that doesn’t support your passion. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

Everyone has bills, I get it.

However, there is ALWAYS some kind of work that can support and empower your own passions. It’s important to notice when you come to one of those doors in your life and open it. Sometimes these opportunities come in strange and unexpected ways. But they are usually the best opportunities to open yourself up to. Especially, if you are excited and scared at the same time. The fear you feel from an amazing opportunity is because this opportunity will bring places out of you that need to be dusted off and explored. They are new territories within you that have remained quiet and silently emerging. This fear of a great opportunity is a chance for you to share your gifts and find new beauty within yourself that is patiently waiting for your recognition.

Life is not simply going to give you what you want in the way you may think. For you to receive the gifts that are already here you must open up your own self and give of yourself to receive these blessings. They do not come with a hardened heart and cynical way of seeing. Trust in yourself even if it is a little bit. In this little amount of trust you have it will bring experiences in your life to trust more and more fully everyday, until you have no doubt at all.

Whatever it is that brings your joy. Put your attention here everyday even if it’s just a little bit and see how life meets you with the same energy by opening doors for you to trust in your own self. These doors can come in the forms of people, travel opportunities, work, moving to a new place, these doors of opportunity are endless in the way they will show up. These miracles will show up as guides and with even a small amount of trust they will show up in your experience. YOU are the one who calls them in. Everything is arising in YOUR vision for YOUR benefit to give you a push in the direction to trust yourself and a reminder to not second guess what you are doing. This is the power of your vibration and what you are emitting into the universe. Life will always respond to your vibration.

Stay true to what you love.

The life around you will respond to remind you that you are on the right path.

Remember, doors of opportunity match your vibration~

Express Yourself <3