Dreams Can Reveal What We Ignore



Are dreams random images while we sleep? Do they have meaning? Are we ignoring something during our waking state that is being revealed in dream state? I have noticed recently only dreaming when messages are wanting to reveal a deeper understanding on a current situation. I also NEVER forget these dreams, as they are not meant to be forgotten. Attention on them can help us uncover something that we haven’t clearly seen during our waking state. Sometimes we have been in contemplating modes that have prompted these dreams to come forth and assist in greater understanding. Sometimes in waking life we can be with an experience we are testing the waters with and our dream can come in and be like….HEY PAY ATTENTION  TO THIS!!! DO YOU NOT SEE THIS?!

We intuitively know when something isn’t right. We can feel this inside. I see the love and beauty in life, as open and loving beings we have to discern even more attentively at what we accept and don’t accept into our life. I know that my intuition only gets stronger as I am here. Dreams come in powerfully and life-like feeling when something is a bit off. WE KNOW IT. THE DREAMER KNOWS IT. SOMETHING IS OFF. So, if you are having a dream that you feel is important and everyone else thinks you are cray cray. PLEASE flip them the bird and listen to your instincts because you know when something is feeling out of alignment with you.

Contemplate the feeling of the dream. Symbols, animals, locations, elements, or people that felt prominent. You can look up symbols on dream dictionaries online, but ultimately YOU are the one who knows what it means. The feeling and texture of your dreams reveal what is specific to you and your current experience. Sometimes we can avoid something during waking state because we are still absorbing useful information, our dream will invite us to keep looking. I have noticed that when I’m contemplating and deeply absorbing information about a particular situation I will get tired midday and fall into a deep nap…like a kitty cat (meow) 🙂 When this is happening I know something is going to be revealed to me. When you are open to knowing the the truth of what is going on and ask for it to be revealed, it will. The quote “Ask and ye shall receive” is a very true statement. Your sincere openness makes it so. As I fall asleep I ask to know more about the situation and it never ceases to amaze me the kind of dream I enter as I fall into sleep. Many times these dreams are lucid. So there is space for a lot of investigating to happen within being awake inside your dream. Sometimes it’s as simple as focusing on your heart or a part of your body to keep you awake while you explore your dream. Lucid dreaming can give you a greater opportunity to explore more deeply then normal dreaming.

Of course we don’t need to rely on our dreams to give us insight, but sometimes they come to assist us in ways that bring light on a situation we have been contemplating. Messages come in a myriad of ways, because everything is reflecting an image from our internal body. Your “outside” world is telling you a lot about your “inside” world. Messages can come from anywhere. So remember to stay open and not be rigid when it comes to how your messages are coming. Sometimes they come through people we REALLY don’t want to hear them from. Remember, that resistance to a message normally hits a sore spot that we need to pay intense attention to.  If you are falling into a strange sleep in the middle of the day, it may not be so strange, simply messages trying to come through. Some people do not receive information through dreams, or they aren’t quite sure how to tap in. I simply ask to dream to see if I can get a different perspective on a situation and it normally always taps me into being able to dream. Another great way to receive messages is to sit with yourself. Sit and let yourself become fully absorbed in presence. You become a completely clear channel for what needs to arise to come through as an answer. Sometimes…there is no answer at all and it was all in your head. A made up thought believed in. You are the best judge for that whether something needs to be looked into or whether it is an imaginary thought believed in.

Trust each experience you have is in total perfection for what you need in this moment. Trust that you have the answers. Trust that answers aren’t always in the form you think they are. Trust yourself and know that what you are drawn to is not a mistake. Trust fully and let go of the bullshit. Know that you are pure source energy and everything arises and dances within you. You are the one who gives attention and power to feed or not feed everything that arises. When confusion, sadness, worry, or any of these states come always know these are passing states and you will always be the one that gives them fuel or not. Any experience in your life that feels challenging or hard is an opportunity for growth and expansion. When you are having trouble in a particular situation be open to messages from dreams or people that come your way.

Trust deeply in yourself.


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