Eight of Cups / Three of Wands / Lust {Strength}

Eight of Cups / Three of Wands / Lust {Strength}

Penetrate the past with inner eye of hawk high piercing holy perspective.

Discover your answer through tracing alluring light luminosity of purposely forgotten fractal memory. Tune and refine your inner knowing, observe through ancient time-space realities the truth which is presenting itself now.

Eight of Cups breeds soiled stagnant waters, holding the decay of the past eroding guilt and shame. The clean flowing stream has become swamp land. There are no opal offerings from energetic decay. Waters that once gave stimulating sustenance and life, now bring deterioration and halt of ones Sacred Eternal Orbit. To move evermore fully onto your path the past must be crystal clear from what anchors your freedom of being. What does not serve alignment of your True Will?

Choose only absolute aligned action unwaveringly.

What is misaligned for your highest evolution will surface now for you to release with regal and sovereign discernment of what you will choose to allow within your Temple. It is your choice to oscillate between worlds. Choose to use this oscillation to vibrate towards what you know deeply within. Hesitation creates and breeds pain, fear, and inaction. This creates futile grounds and eventually leads to choosing against your Soul’s True Orbit. To stay in the murky confusing waters Eight of Cups is mirroring, is to choose death over life. Eight of Cups is powerfully forcing you to See and Move to higher grounds. Choose the unique Light of your being. Choose your spacious freedom. Choose your Joy and Beauty. Choose your Sacredness and move forward as Light towards radiant vibrancy. 

The power to choose is entirely in your hands. Will you choose the greater power, or will you stay in-between worlds? Shed skins to rise in Golden Serpent Majesty.

Eight of Cups is the opportunity to honor and focus deep inner care to all that you are non-physically and physically. As you choose yourself first, you move away from all that no longer serves the totality of you as a Divine Being. You walk into a Liberated new world beckoning you forward. A land of infinite potentiality. You can create in all ways you choose to focus.

Three of Wands is now born. The precipice of your vision sensually stabilized by the trinity and this world forming by your focus, attention, consistent action, and devotion to how you envision yourself and the world around you. Your creations expand as far as you are willing to fuel the violet flame from within and wield your magick towards your innate gifts. Three wands are your power sources of spirit, mind, and body, merging through inner balance to create harmony in your creative Soul Work. Recognize the power of all you have cultivated until now. Hone in on the inspiration which flows from your infinite well of divine illumination and allow this to unravel your highest work here.

Three of Wands is a portal to fully move into Divine Union with the beloved – Lust *Strength*. It is the foundation of internal stability which leads to the complete obliteration of anything which has impeded your divine mission. Lust completely removes your identities clothing to leave you as Source Energy. You are seduced so deeply by your calling that everything that is in slight or severe disharmony will not enter your field. Dramas which once were hooked within you no longer have a space to hook onto. You are Pure Light. Your strength infinite, and you move in one fluid motion with pure intuitive force. You are now liquified in vibrational ecstasy riding fiercely upon the back of a Lion offering your chalice to the universe in full ecstasy of orgasmic offerings. In this you receive all you give because you are empty of receiving anything at all. This movement rejoices for the climactic celebration of living and breathing. You give every drop of your infinite well in sacred reverence back unto all.

Light and Magick are your reward in the act of True Will alone. One movement of Divine Offering.