eight of pentacles the wild unknown tarot

Eight of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The weaving of the web.

The spider sits in the center of his creation. The meaning of spider in India is linked with Maya, coming from the Sanskrit root Ma that means no form or limit. The web of the spider can be seen when we are paying close attention to detail, then we can truly see the web that is being created. The term Maya refers to not all things are as they appear to be. As we tune more deeply into the web we are weaving we can bring our attention more closely to how we are actually building our web and how we choose to continue weaving. The moment to moment details of our lives encompasses infinite possibilities of how we choose to create. The Eight of Pentacles shows itself at times of deep emersion in the details of ones work. A full emersion is present that embodies complete attention and devotion to ones craft. A card that shows itself if one is using their time to fully devote themselves to their hearts calling. Eight of Pentacles can also swing the other way, infinite possibilities means anything we focus on will grow. This calls to pay attention to what one is nurturing.

Let us nurture our magic, beauty, and what is true in our heart.


Eight of Pentacles embodies a tremendous focus at this time of one pointed attention. This card is not about something lucky falling into ones lap out of chance, but a purely focused, joyful work that is the pure embodiment of the souls calling coming into physical form. There is such high momentum at this time that nothing can stop this from developing. This card comes at a time where one has spent great time contemplating ones own experience having learned a great deal of what is and is not healthy in the infinite spectrum of all life has to offer. This gives birth to a creation that is unfolding which stems from a space that is pure and wholehearted. The Eight of Pentacles is encouragement to keep going with joy, focus, and complete dedication each day. The doors of the infinite are happily opening as you continue dancing. As we listen to our hearts calling without doubt we move forward with thanks in our heart, life continues opening in a myriad of magical ways.


This is a time to ask oneself, Am I in fact weaving the life that feels in alignment with my heart? To look closely at the details and continue weaving what feels in full alignment. Life is working with us, not against us. If we can actually see this, as cliche as it may seem….we can continue to do the work our heart truly desires without compromising ourself for what “we think we should do.” Why not trust in ourselves and stand in our own authority and live the way that feels most natural for us? If we are fearful of trying something new, we can simply ask ourself why such disbelief in oneself? When we drop the thought that creates doubt and fear we begin to see how we can build an intricate web in a way that is in full alignment. We can allow ourself to be fully devoted to the magic of our dreams and bring them into action each day. See the magic that unfolds and see the doubt and fear that falls away.

We are magical web weavers.

Express Yourself <3