Endings, Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

Endings, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Endings, Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

Each ending is an opportunity to open us to more expansion within ourselves. Although many times masked as pain it is an opening to a more magickal world. A world – in a much deeper way, we actually desire to align with. When an ending comes our way, either by our choice or ripped from us – we are being guided to move towards something greater that we have not been allowing in our experience. Endings are a time where we get to evaluate how we continue to travel in our life and allow what we truly wish to experience to come forth into being.

Endings can often feel like failures in some way, but with a shift in perspective can be an invitation to go deeper and discover a neglected aspect of self that wishes to be birthed through our vessel. As we become honest with what our soul yearns for, the more it cannot be denied and we are seduced in that direction. It is the most natural movement, only seeming like a struggle when we deny the natural uprising. Can we see how each ending propelled us into an expanded version of ourself that was ready to allow expansion? Do we accept what we have gotten accustomed to and comfortable with, or do we truly move from our inner being? In this space of being no stagnancy exists, no delusion or boxed in ways of thinking, all is ever evolving. In this fresh space of spontaneous life force there is an expansion of supreme joy, continuous unfolding, an infinite ripple in time. It is cyclical, contracting and expanding like all of the natural world. As we welcome this cyclical nature of beginnings and endings our expansion and contraction is welcomed with grace. We care less how we are perceived and care more about the quality of our own perception. Where are we looking from? How precious is this unique currency of sacred vibration in this world? This allows us to move in a balanced state of giving and receiving.

As we let any pain that comes with endings arise in natural course, we allow new and vibrant energy to be received. This honors our temple and breathes life into the new seeds that wish to bloom. Any feelings of shame or guilt for what has not worked is pointing to a deeper release and trust into our being. All that do not work show us a new step to what is more deeply meaningful, fulfilling, and alive for us. Giving ourself energetic space to feel, listen, purge, and be, are essential to endings and to begin watering the new gardens of the most high. Nothing is ever finished and there is no end, cycles of birth and death continuously deepening and renewing our spirit. As we bow down in deep reverence to our experience we begin to watch our garden grow and nourish ourself and all of life. We welcome all endings and beginnings, shedding heavier frequencies as we allow movement. As we honor the ending of a cycle, we open a new door to ever expanding light, love, abundance, beauty, meaning, joy and all the magickal realms within our experience.

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