Every Moment Is A Fresh Start <3


Every morning you wake up is a fresh opportunity to start over.

Every moment. Every morning. Everyday.

With your whole life, with a project, with a friend you freaked out on the other day, with your thought patterns, with taking care of your self, with embarking on a new business venture….whatever it is…you have TODAY to start fresh. The days can keep going by and you can keep thinking you are already starting this project too late in life…or this person is never going to understand if you don’t explain yourself now….I can’t start exercising because my body is blah blah blah. All of these are excuses to let life keep going by without realizing each day is a fresh start and you can wake up to a completely blank slate to start over. BOOM! Isn’t that amazing? Not only is each day a fresh start, but each moment you have the choice to navigate what you are doing in an entirely new way.


You are not bound to stay with something that no longer serves you. You don’t have to keep working on a creative project in the way you have if it isn’t flowing right. You can always break something down and rebuild it in a different way that feels more in alignment with you. I know for myself the current creative project I am working on constantly changes and evolves. I refine as I create and work what is most crucial to focus on first instead of going on bunny trails…which I can do if I don’t check in and take a step back.  Working on any new creative project or business venture is a  learning process. We have to learn through our own process and also from others that are already very knowledgeable at what they do. This can assist tremendously on our own endeavors as we learn and apply from others experiences. So as you work through a difficulty or stress on a project, relationship, or health issue, remember everyday is a new day. You can do more research, take action, take a breath and start over. Do not let low vibration emotions stick to you from day to day. The slate is wiped cleaned while you sleep, all you have to do is wake up and move forward. You are resilient and creative, don’t forget that.


Whatever your spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, mental, and social aspects of self were yesterday there are always ways to navigate in a more fulfilling way today. The block that occurs are thoughts of doubt or fear that stops your momentum from moving in a clear and joyful way. Moving in this natural flow instantly gives you a creative mind and open heart to realign yourself in all aspects of your life. You don’t have to get stuck somewhere in any specific mode of being.

You always have a choice to do what serves you in the highest way. 

Sometimes when we get in a low vibration state we can think that everything is falling apart and everyone is out to get us. Literally thinking that the world is working against you. Nothing is working against you. Only you give yourself permission to work against yourself. You are not obligated to do that. This is simply a reminder that each moment is fresh, you can start over as many times as you need to. It is much better to do this than to sulk in the bitterness of a previous time or moment. It’s spring time, dust it off and start fresh <3


Express Yourself <3

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