Family, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Family Connected and Free The Alchemist's Oracle

Infinite ways to define family. Out of all the people we meet, who are the ones that leave deep imprints on our journey? Who are the ones who guide us, break us open and assist for us to discover light and expansion where we had no idea it existed? Who are the ones who draw us out of our cave when all darkness seems to be the only way? These beings come in physical, non-physical, sometimes only for a moment in time and they ignite change that creates an opening within so we can feel our light once again. These beautiful physical and non physical beings are soul familia. Call it grace, love, divine timing, but we aren’t here solo on this journey. We are all interwoven in this magical mystery ride. Shout out to all the angels flying high.

You know who you are.

As we recognize and expand into our raw beauty we are meant to align with we begin to feel a connectivity to all that is, instantly connecting us to our soul familia. We are always connected to this family, but when we are tuned in and turned on to life these beings almost come out of no where. It’s like life celebrating us coming out of our cave and into the light again. The universe saying hell yea keep dancing;) We don’t have to look for our soul family as they will always appear in divine timing. As we are in our power in a full and expansive way, naturally soul family shows up to celebrate and deeper connections are reflected. This is a beautiful magick of life is that appears when we keep doing what we are doing with full love. Beings who are magnetized to show up in collaboration, in love, in support….well, they somehow appear!

As we open ourselves to receive magick in life we open ourselves to connections that can be life changing and encourage us to step up in ways we could never have expected or comprehend. That is the magick of soul connection.  They can draw out of us what we never knew existed or even knew wanted to be birthed from our being. There is an invitation here to see how much we allow the natural flow for giving and receiving. There are times when we ask for doors to open, but cannot turn the handle to open the door. Life is naturally wanting to give and receive in full abundance. As we see this we truly allow the magickal relationships in love, friendships, family, physical and non physical beings to celebrate this open acceptance. As I ask my self if I can openly give and receive full hearted and magical abundance within myself and with my soul family, I invite you to do the same. <3

If we can notice patterns that keep us protected and safe we can see this is a form of hiding. It often happens after we have been through a falling out with a friend or lover. If we can tune into ourselves and see that we are closing ourselves off we can actually shift our being in a higher vibration that does not need to shut off to the world because of something of the past. We breathe, recognize the magick that is all around and we rise again. With this attitude and perspective worlds will open and magick will arrive in direct correlation to our own inner alchemy. I’m not saying to not feel pain or go through what needs to be felt, but know that all portals to beauty, love, and magick are present and open when we say yes. As we feel into the truth of this within our being we open our hearts to ourselves, to life, and to our soul family that expands us in all the yummy and juicy ways.

Our connection within ourself and spirit as one will attract and connect us to all that is needed and desired to be experienced in physical. As we tune into our vibration and deeply care for our temple we do not need to fit all the pieces in physical reality together. Physical manifestations are automatically mirrored as we honor our internal vibration. We will automatically know how to be, move, and respond. This is a natural movement that springs from our infinite well of love.

Magick. All is Magick.

~Deep joy and gratitude, infinitely dancing~

Express Yourself <3

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