Fashion: A Reflection of Self


Working in fashion retail throughout the years it was hard not to notice how many women are so hard on themselves when it comes to fashion and makeup. For myself this way of expressing is something light and fun, it’s the same as playing dress up when you were a kid! I remember a gorgeous woman picking up a beautiful dress off the display, hold it up against her, look in the mirror to admire it and say, “When would I EVER wear this, its just too fancy” Well… I would interject. Let me tell you when you would wear this. Walking down the street, reading in your house, having a party so you can simply wear the damn thing, going to work overdressed, going on a date with your girlfriends, coffee shop lounging, picking up a package from the post office, having a photoshoot day with the most beautiful dress you just bought! WHY on EARTH do people always need a reason to do what they feel, go where they want, or wear beautiful garments? Will you only be waiting for special occasions to adorn yourself in pure magic?! I’m a lover of all things Vintage and Antique.

I also have a great appreciation for high quality materials, new clothes or vintage.


These garments are made with so much love and appreciation for details and that is why I have such an attraction to them. They weren’t manufactured in China and thrown on a rack with 100 more of the same exact pieces of poorly sewn together blouses. When you find a garment and fall in love with it and have NO IDEA where you would wear it, I promise you it is the perfect garment to purchase. Something in you needs to break out of your comfort zone. You are not in high school anymore trying to fit in. You are living in a time that has no specific way to dress or be and everything is supporting your unique flair.



Yes, there are fashion trends to enjoy and be inspired by, but there is infinite movement with freedom of fashionable expression.  Uniqueness nowadays rises above the status quo. We are living in a time of entrepreneurs living their dreams and following their heart. One does not need to spend a lot of money to adorn themselves in beauty and magic. While working in retail I heard people say, I can’t afford this. My response to that statement is if you truly want to express yourself in a vibrant way that it will come through no matter what you choose to put on or how much money you choose to spend. When I moved to Hawaii I sold everything I had, including all my precious vintage clothes. No matter how much or little I have there is always a way to bring fun style to however I’m dressed. Whether it be a laid back place to live like Big Island or a bustling city like San Francisco.



Remember, you don’t have to change your appearance because of your environment.  Your style is unique to you, it encompasses your life experiences, your growth and change. Don’t let shyness or worry of what others may think get in the way of your flair. Fashion and style is a fun way to express your creativity. I look at it as a form of art, not a superficiality. Obsessiveness on what you wear is superficial, natural expression is an art form. Enjoy yourself and play with your expression!


Express Yourself <3