Five of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Five of Wands The Wild Unknown Tarot

Five of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Five of Wands appears as scattered energy, conflict, and confusion. These wands seem to be on entirely different trajectories. Something is being called to the forefront to be looked at more intimately. What is it in this moment that feels out of alignment internally? Energetically there are thoughts of a situation that are in question.What is the highest way to realign with your natural vibration? Lets bring any outer situation or experience back to internal experience. Begin in presence, where all the universe springs from. Wands are afire energy of movement, passion, ideas, inspiration, and the creator suit. The five wands are floating out of sync with one another.

Begin with tuning into your internal climate first, where do we go from here? What feels disharmonious in your field? Once that is felt, place your awareness and sit with this energy. What is the root of this dis harmonic energy? Impressions, words, words or visions that arise will reveal to you what this dis harmonic energy is. Trust your own visions more than what you are told by others, practice discernment at all times as your understanding develops. As you feel and recognize you begin to heal this fragment of your field and flood it with light. Know that the capacity for clarity, understanding,full release, and healing is possible now.

When you learn to live in the moment without using escapism you will find all the energies to heal and move forward. Sitting in the depths of our own being in silence can bring up the most clear answer, we know it when it shows itself. Five of Wands is ready to be redirected to action again. Wands are meant to create magick. When wands energy is not balanced and used to full capacity this creates a dissonance that must find a higher ground.

Wands are designed to create, inspire with expansive energy in our lives.They are bursting with creation when aligned with the heart. We are constantly carving out our path, each day within our being and the actions that spring forth from our internal self. Contemplate and reflect the way in which things are moving. Make adjustments to higher and higher realms and move into your freedom that desires to create and exploring in this incredible life. Now is the time to remove that which is not in alignment to move on to a clear trajectory. Clarity is a choice, you can choose to release what is no longer in vibration and move into vibrance, love and beauty. The more tuned into ourselves we are, the more conscious we can choose that which is in direct alignment with spirit. Tune in and meditate knowing within one sincere meeting with yourself can shift your vibration and come to full clarity.

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