For Those Who Are Open Channels

055598809a87638d644c407afba71fdeOpen channel you are. Loving. Open to life. Forgiving. Trusting. Giving. This sounds like a beautiful way to be, does it not? We must remember as open channels we must create healthy boundaries for ourselves. We must turn up our discernment abilities and take our time getting to know people. I will share with you these three aspects that can be of great assistance if you are an open channel. I am an open channel, still learning what to accept and not accept. We have to see that when we are open ANYTHING can occur. We would be wise to use our intuitive abilities even more intensely than most people because we don’t have a million guards built around us. We can learn to create healthy environments in our lives that nurture and support our openness and love, not depleting our sweet nectar.0a4eb66b1482c04823c11cc771a018f6

We all know about creating healthy boundaries, but sometimes as open channels we allow too much into our lives that isn’t actually serving our heart in the highest way. Think about it right now. Is there something you are letting slide in your life because of your open and forgiving heart? Maybe something is depleting you? Perhaps a job or relationship, yet you continue to remain in that job or relationship because you are so open and giving being blinded by what is actually occuring? We have to remember that this is our life and years can go by being in these relationships or situations that perhaps aren’t as fulfilling as they can be. Or perhaps they need to be completely turned away from. What boundaries have you created to form a healthy life for yourself? I know for myself I had to cut out work that wasn’t fully aligned with my creative heart. The longer we are alive as open channels the more we see we need to create more boundaries than most people. So ask yourself, what are you experiencing in your life that needs to be addressed? Is your boss walking all over you? Is your partner mistreating you? Are your roommates more like kids and not doing their part in the shared living space? We must remember that WE are the ones that create the experiences by allowing things to occur or not. We can say no anytime we want and go in a different direction. Creating boundaries is healthy and empowering and as open channels we need to wake up when we need to implement them. Trust me, this is coming from someone that feels as transparent as glass and I am learning just as you are to create boundaries and say yes to what nurtures me and no to what does not. We cannot grow and expand if we keep saying yes to what is harming our spirit. We will stay stagnant and contracted when we keep allowing what does not serve us. ed69e096a095b9c71c17421c4d928053

If you are an open channel you are most likely extremely intuitive. You can see through people and you can see intentions behind false masks.  BEING AN OPEN CHANNEL YOU MUST TURN ON YOUR DISCERNMENT ABILITIES UP TENFOLD. Because you are loving, forgiving, and honest sometimes others can take advantage of this way of being because they use it as weakness. We must remember to share our love and never let that change about us, but we must be very wise with who we give that sweet love to. As much as I’d like to say everyone deserves it, unfortunately, this is not true. There are all sorts of people in this world and not all of them have the same heart you do. At the source of it they do, but it might be covered by a lot of hurt and pain that has not been addressed. Remember, discernment can be used to comprehend what is obscure or unseen. As an open channel you are already highly intuitive. Those red flags that you feel or see….THEY ARE VERY REAL. Trust yourself and don’t doubt what you feel. There is a vast difference between fleeting emotional BS and true gut wrenching signs. You notice what others cannot see. You are not crazy. You see the unseen because you are the unknown and in alignment with that. Having your gifts are very natural. TRUST fully what you feel to create a healthy life for yourself. Being an open channel doesn’t mean to let anything happen. We must use our heart and brain for balance and full joy.43b90cc2bd8a3b013e6b18fd8a75ea68

 As an open channel we must take more time to get to know people. Naturally people will be drawn to you. Being open, loving, trusting, and forgiving will bring many people to you. Others can feel you naturally love people and life so it feels good to be in this presence. I like to dive in deeply and right away with others. With strangers I meet on the street, people who come into work, or at coffee shops. I’ve been that way since I was a little girl. I don’t feel separated from others and at our core we all come from the same source. It is only delusions that keep us separated. In our own delusions whether its ourselves or another, delusion is where we hurt each other as human beings. Because we end up moving from past hurt instead of present love that is always here. As open channels we must remember how exciting it is to love on people and dive in deeply with them quickly, but we have to keep in mind that everything is always beautiful in the beginning of relationships with people. There are certain things we will work through within relationships, but there are aspects we cannot tolerate that are liquid poison for our spirit. There is no rush for anything in this life. It is beautiful to take our time and ask many questions. To truly get to know who we are speaking with. There is a movie I watched with this quote…ANYTHING AUTHENTIC CAN BE FORGED. I know that sounds morbid, but its true. Even ENERGY can be forged. We are pure source energy that can be molded into anything. So lets slow down, take our time to REALLY get to know who we invite in our kingdom.

Trust. Love. Be Open.

But don’t forget to use your discernment and be wise.



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