Four of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Four of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

.:.Four of Pentacles.:.

Checking in with ideas, beliefs, material/environmental  aspects of life. Is there a tightness that blocks off our natural movement and flow of creativity/life force? If we are tightly bound or wrapped up in particular ways of thinking/being we can confine ourselves into a space that works against our natural divine flow. When Four of Pentacles is pulled we can ask where am I gripping so tightly and is this serving my highest good or am I going against myself? There are times it is wise to be confidant in our ways when it births from deeply from ones heart. However, this card is referring not to a healthy focus and confidence in ones path, but an unhealthy and rigid nature. This is a reminder of a time where openness and softness towards life will reveal new doors to us and it is okay for us to loosen the grips of control.

Sometimes life can seem like complete chaos. Everything appears to be going insane…like a huge disaster. The Four of Pentacles is a reminder to trust through these times. Instead of trying to control every detail of life, can we trust that all is happening for one to expand and learn from this experience? Everything is not as disastrous as it may seem and sometimes we will be tested to see where our faith is. Does one persevere and learn from experience? Or, does one try to micromanage aspects of life to feel safe and secure within unknown realms? At times we can cut off doors of opportunity and creation when we try to put everything safely into boxes. We can ask, is this a time to control my situation or is this a time to truly drop into trusting life and the miracle of existence?

Being here is a miracle.  When we remain open and trusting  to life we are naturally moving in harmony with the miracle. Where do we cling tightly to our experience causing rigidity? What aspects are we moving freely and openly dancing as the harmony? When we look at aspects of our experience that are in harmony and other aspects that are not we can ask where is it I am cutting myself off in this area? Four of Pentacles asks, Is it possible that I am restricting or even murdering aspects of myself that simply wish to be allowed to move without restriction? We have the opportunity to check in with our ways of thinking/beliefs and look at our life experience up until now. Where are there beliefs and actions in our life that we have given so much energy to that have been contributing to cutting off parts of ourselves that wish to exist? This is the time to feel ourselves. We can check in with any feeling of restrictions and ask what is the source of this restriction? It is here that when we choose to look and contemplate we can learn to navigate in a new ways that are healthy for us. This is exciting because we continue to discover new parts of ourselves that wish to come out of dormancy into full vibrancy.

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