Homage To Those Who Come and Go


We must remember that EVERYTHING is in divine order and magically brilliant in its own way. Remember, you do not know what will be and there is grace in all that is arising. For any of you suffering from the ending of a relationship…a lover, family member, or a friend. You are the one who chooses to continue to suffer or not. Yes of course there will be a period of sadness and grief, feel it fully and allow it to move through, you can still love someone whether or not they are in physical presence or not. Say thank you and have gratitude in your heart and know that everything coming and going is revealing something to you. Pay attention to the lessons and learn, but do not hold on to the suffering which weighs down your heart.

We NEVER know what will be. Last night a best friend of 12 years came back into my life after not talking for a few years. I’m not saying to WAIT for anyone to come back into your life. But know that this can happen and you shouldn’t be suffering because someone is gone.  You cannot depend on another for your well being. I truly feel that if you can really let go of the person in an honest way it allows for a healing to take place. This is not something that can be faked. You have to be able to let this person fully go, and NOT in order for them to come back. Simply for the sake of making peace with yourself.

Dedicated to Kirstie~

She is my love, She never left my heart.

I felt and spoke of  her often.

She walks into my life as if she never left.

We can never know how things will be or not be.

How can we always know what is good for us? This separation was divine perfection.

No communication at the time.

I wanted to talk. But she was gone, vanished like a ghost that never was.

I still loved her, that could never change.

She is a Goddess. My love. My best friend.

Years went by and I had no choice but to let go that I may never see her again.

She came into my dreams and into my heart often.

I spoke of her and sent her tremendous love over the time we were apart.

Someone I never forgot.

12 years we were friends and in an instant of one decision, I was cut out of her life.

Everything is divinely perfect as we needed this to to discover ourselves apart.

We spoke for the first time in years yesterday evening.

I felt as if we NEVER parted ways. She is beautiful, strong, radiant, and loving.

This is how I see her, how I have always seen her. I was always honored for her presence in my life.

And I am honored to receive her again.

She had a baby…she thought of me and reached out.

So beautiful when self connects with itself.

If we held on to what happened we would not be able to come together like this.

All relationships we have are merely reflections of different parts of the one.

Always showing us something that needs to be seen.

We are mirroring each other constantly. In subtle and obvious ways.

Watch for this if you ever point the finger. It is never another that can truly disturb you in a deep way. We are here to reflect what needs to be seen. Dark or light, all is mirroring so we can become  clear once again.

Remember, never say that something isn’t possible. When you say it is impossible you are blocking out the possibility of a career for yourself or a friend coming back into your life, you are blocking much of what you may actually want to invite into your life. You are constantly emitting energetic vibrations. The things you think are impossible will be impossible. Simple as that. You will create a boundary if you see one. It will be a place you cannot go, as you draw the line you stay inside the confines of that line. There are great boundaries to create that are useful but not in the way of what is possible or impossible when it comes to your hearts natural expression.

Remember that love is a strong bond that can transcend all difficulty. The point is to go beyond the BS in yourself and trust that the right people will come, go, and stay in your life.



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