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Invisible Threads of Magick

As we infinitely bloom open we uncover our sight-feeling-sound-taste-movement-thought-experience become more subtle and increasingly less fooled by the 3D matrix. Each veil begins to thin as we are able to see through these energetic spaces to the realm beyond. The next dimension holding more information/space of being – raising us to higher planes.
As multidimensional beings we can move through dimensions as we grow in our power using the new information to uplift each other. Everything discovered within is to lift the whole, whether that is energy emitted from your being or very specific actions taken – each play a role. There is still an illusion playing itself out of the american individualist society – to keep us separate and focus on mundane tasks – letting no room for magickal forces to be invited in. Not experiencing magick in daily life is a big indicator of still being a slave of the matrix. we are here to unite and come together to raise each other up, through whatever strength is ones gift. For one it may be scientific research to lift humanity and to another it may be art or music. Each one has been gifted with a way to raise the consciousness of humanity. We are not alone here as isolated individuals.
Our highest unfolding in this magickal and wild universe assists the whole to rise together. As each being that is waking us to the beauty and power within, we connect our fields and raise the frequency of each other. The gears turn through the cosmic dance and we uplift each other. Nothing can be an isolated incident, we are connected through the invisible threads of magick.
May we continue to be inspired by the beauty-magick-wonder that is all around us rather than being limited by what the constructs of the government and media want us to see and put our attention on. The scariest thing for the government is for us to be free and in our power, for us to rise within ourselves and to step out of the matrix-mind.
. written in love .


  1. Dear Mirasol, How does one go about expanding and finding the ability to move through dimensions? I would love to know more. I love your posts!
    Much love,

    • Hi Alicia, great question! I will work on writing a blog post to answer this for you. Please comment with any more information about specifications about your question, so I can include more within the post. At the bottom of my homepage enter your email so you can receive a notification when the new writing is up! Thanks for the inspiration to write about this! Love it!
      Much love,

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