Kingdom of Heaven


We expend much energy to gain the things of this world. To have all the comforts of life and beautiful things that we relish in. How much energy do we spend to know ourselves? Some call this God, Source Energy, Love, Allah, The One, and many other names. I will reference the highest almighty power as God. Think about this…Do you feel this God energy pervading all that is? Or do you still feel a separate self in this world? This is important, because depending on this understanding or misunderstanding your world will be perceived drastically different.  United or as a perceived separate self.

Jesus said, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

We have to honor the wise that walked this earth giving life to the lifeless. I am not bound to any religion, I do praise and thank all beings who are one with God. Whether you are religious or not makes no difference to me. I see you as divinity itself walking this earth with me. I feel we are here to ALL guide each other to recognize God when we see our brothers and sisters are sleepwalking in this dream. What is it that keeps us seeking the good life and not seeking the miraculous god life. When we acquire all the things we wished for and become famous what happens after then? Is there a completeness that comes with fame and riches? I have not had these things so I cannot answer from experience, and I only like to speak and answer from what I live and experience. To me this is the only valuable true knowledge that comes from my time here. I can say that the wealth recognized eternally within does not need anything to complete itself. There are many who are trying to become better people, but they do not realize that they are only trying to refine their false identities. With this comes an endless pursuit to be a better false identity because this is the one who always wants more, to be special, different, have more, be more, and constantly unsatisfied with the miracle of life. If you go the route of pursuit of things and being a better false identity eventually you will be pushed to the brink of madness that brings you back into your God Self. So although from the outside it may seem as though someone is “going down the wrong path” do not be so quick to judge. Because many come to their wits end and have to abandon the world to come home to God. Jesus has powerful words because he reminds people what can be satisfying of all these worldly things if you are losing your soul in the process? We must pay attention to how we are engaging with the world. Are we allowing God to move through us? When God moves through us in our life we are in recognition and living as One. We do not feel separate here but the fullness and vibration moves with tremendous ease in our life. Through difficult and hard experiences there is a greater understanding that it is in support of the highest and understanding this needs to occur. So energy is there to help this river flow. This life has much material beauty to enjoy, but it is not to get lost in. It is for play, but so often we get seduced into the play to see it isn’t what we wanted. All was created by God, Spirit, Allah, Source Energy…however you use your words to describe. So yes we are here to enjoy the beauty and yes please, let us enjoy! However, if you are not feeling connected to Source, to God, then what does any of the rest matter? All which keeps you feeling disconnected is merely a thought or feeling passing through. You keep feeding the beast that keeps you separate when behind it, you have always been united. When you can recognize this relationship you have been creating to keep yourself separate it is easy to recognize your source. The most natural. So if you are chasing all the things of the world and still feel as two. Ask yourself where you want to place your attention. Always where you place your attention you are planting seeds there. Be mindful of  your attention as you plant seeds.

Recognize the Kingdom of Heaven is here. Ask sincerely, and you will be given eyes to see.

For you are the one who created the dream to begin with.

Express Yourself <3