Light & Dark. Let Them Dance.


We cannot hold resistance to all that arises within us. The experience of anything you consider “good” or “bad” in itself, there is not a difficulty of experiencing. The difficulty comes when the psychological mind intercepts the experience and starts fragmenting it into compartments. Feeling pain, intense sadness, anger, or fear, doesn’t have to be hard to go through. The complete relaxation within any of these vibrations that can be challenging allows them to move within you without resistance and full freedom for them to be there. These movements themselves don’t have to be negative if seen as a natural movement within. When you are feeling pain and if your first response is to push it away you will increase the pain within yourself. If you experience whatever is arising FULLY and COMPLETELY you will be shown much easier what it is that needs attention. Sometimes there is something to look at more deeply but this is NOT always the case. There doesn’t need to be an attachment of an idea to feelings of pain or happiness all the time. Do you not laugh for no reason sometimes? There doesn’t always have to be a psychological attachment to what arises. Sometimes there is simply energy moving within you and it simply needs space to move. The more you are living in alignment with yourself you will have better discernment if there is something that needs to be closely looked at within yourself or if it is a energy that is simply is moving through you.

There are some that are attracted to the dark side of life and there are some that are attracted to the light. On either end there can be an imbalance because all exists within us and all have lessons to teach us when we are not ignoring either side. Some think dark is bad and avoid it at all costs. But we must remember that all we avoid is going to show itself at another time. Sooner or later it will come back out. Because the dark energies that remain with us have to be looked in order to be released. There are times when diving into yourself that energies can leave your body and you don’t know how to describe it, but you know space was cleared within you. It is not necessary to try and explain all of these things that occur. When you recognize yourself as awareness, not someone WITH awareness than all that is dancing within you is allowed to dance with ease and grace.

You are GREATER, beyond light and dark. 

You do not need to be so heavily swayed to keep life in a certain shape or form. All that is occuring, all whom you meet, all experiences you have allow for greater understanding. Trying to “manifest” your life in a certain shape or a certain way to feel can be manipulating life. Life is already in divine order. The light and dark energies both take role in our experience and we must be thankful for all that arises. Our light can be seen when there is true space within our being. That is something that cannot be faked. You will know when you feel clear inside because your psychological mind isn’t dictating every movement and it will be okay for all energies to pass through you. There is a natural confirmation inside when you allow light and dark energies to pass through and aren’t affecting you in a deep way. You will not be identifying with these temporary states.

Where would all the beautiful art and music come from if darkness was not present? Some of the most beautiful art and culture comes from this expression. How could we deny the music that takes us beyond our psychological mind and into pure bliss and lightness? Is this not a gift we all cherish? Life could not make music or dance without light and dark. If we push either away we are bound to be reminded at some point that we need both to expand beyond the small mind. The merging of light and dark is equally as important as merging masculine and feminine aspects of self. There is balance in mind, body, and spirit as we recognize this dance of life. It is beyond beautiful. Thank all that comes your way and everything you experience. Divine perfection dances in YOU.



Express Yourself <3