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Welcome To Sacred Magick Worlds. This is where I offer personal Monthly Guidance and Tarot Readings and monthly readings for each zodiac sign on YouTube as well as extended readings going in greater depth for each sign available in our shop.

Bryce, the author of “Excalibur, The Book of the Law: Solved” offers Magick School Courses at Sacred Magick Worlds including: Introduction to the Tarot; Secret Keys, Pathways, and Magick Formula of The Tarot; Advanced Ritual and Magick; Introduction to Constructing Ritual; Magick Sigils, Mottos, Names, and Symbols; Introduction to Aleister Crowley, Thelema, and ‘The Book of the Law’; Introduction and Advanced Occult Text Analysis; Introduction and Advanced Qabalah and Number Theory; Introduction to Hermetic Philosophy and Principles.

Sacred Magick Worlds features photography prints from our travels around the world, and original art work. 

With great love and sacred reverence,

Samira & Bryce

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