Moon Goddess


The Moon.

Shows us Light within the Darkness.

This is an amazing time to check in with ourself and to look at anything we have been avoiding or ignoring to bring into our attention. Scorpio Moon is a time to delve into any darkness. Sometimes you can experience a contracted, fearful, emotional state during this time. It is only an invitation to let go of what is no longer serving you. We have to remember that during our darkest periods so much beauty can emerge when we truly face what needs to be looked at. Keep it simple. Sometimes people can spend too much time nitpicking about so many thing, problems, and trying to push away what doesn’t feel good. You don’t have to sulk but you can allow your self to feel what you are going through so you can come out the other end. The more you stop resisting emotionally painful feelings the easier it is to get through them. PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE JUST LET YOURSELF FEEL AND STOP FEELING GUILTY FOR IT. I hear so many amazing people that make themselves feel bad for having a feeling that is “out of alignment with their higher self” YOU ARE YOUR HIGHER SELF. When you feel guilty about a feeling you have it is only adding unnecessary pain to whatever your experience is, instead of simply experiencing it. There is nothing wrong with any emotion. Just because you have a “negative” emotion it doesn’t change the essence of WHO YOU ARE. It cannot. When you see this you are able to relax more into yourself and allow the play of existence to dance within you. You will be thankful for all that arises.


To me the full moon is magical. It can be a check in time with yourself. Ask yourself if you are doing what you want to be doing right now? Or are you still dreaming about this one project you haven’t yet started? Its a time to be honest. Write a few things down. A simple list if that is helpful for you. You can write….1. What are you actually doing everyday? 2. What would bring you fulfillment to work on everyday? Are these answers the same? If not ask yourself what you can do to make this happen. Full moon is a time to address if your daily actions are matching what your inner desire wants to naturally do. But remember you don’t have to wait for the full moon for this. Everyday is a perfect day to ask yourself if you are living in accordance with what you wish to express.

Fullness of the moon. Full Light Within Dark.

A reminder to stay true to yourself within what is seemingly dark.

Out of the darkest days births the greatest clarity and seeing. Don’t be afraid of periods of contraction or period of aloneness. All is in divine order. Always trust where you are and what you are doing. Sometimes we are put in situation that we don’t necessarily want to be in, but tremendous insight comes from these experiences.

Always say thank you & always have gratitude in your heart.

When your heart is filled with this, the tides of the moon will leave you unaffected.


Express Yourself <3