Move On From Fixing and Healing


  Everything that you are is complete.

You can spend your whole lifetime trying to fix or heal many aspects of yourself, but I can say with complete confidence you WILL be spending your whole life trying to fix or heal yourself into perfection. Why would you want to spend your life doing that? First, before you choose to continue this way…is it even possible to fix all these perceived problems? And ask yourself WHO is the one trying to fix these problems? The one in you trying to fix the problems is the culprit itself. This is the imagined idea of who you think you are. It is not your authentic self. Lets say you go this route anyways as if you are this imagined self you have created, trying to fix problems. Then what? When you are on your death bed will you be wondering why didn’t you pursue this one endeavor that has always been in the back of your mind? Maybe you were too busy trying to fix and mend so many aspects of yourself you forgot to LIVE and EXPLORE authentically.

When your heart is open to life and your joy for being here is present all the healing and fixing you may think you need to do is already taking place. Times for healing happen on their own natural accord. You don’t need to go digging for problems. They will come. But you don’t have to see them as a problem, they are always opportunities to dive deeper into your core and discover even more beauty within. I have met many people that I admire for their ability to dive deeply within and to look at themselves in a true way, but be careful. You can find as many problems as you want to find with a busy mind. Dive deeply into your being, not your mind. A lot of these seeming problems are figments of the imagination that have been blown up into an apparent problem. Most times it is dust in the wind, humans are constantly making ANYTHING up. It is up to us if we want to put our energy there or not. It can be as simple as redirecting energy. There will be times where you can feel in the core of your being that something needs to be deeply looked at, it is undeniable. In this moment you will know and have the opportunity to look. But please for goodness sake stop looking for problems. Focus on what you enjoy doing and when opportunities for diving deeper will appear, it will be apparent and you will have the chance to look at whatever it is and confront the little demon. Focusing on all these little details can just get you stuck going down the rabbit hole. So use discernment for what you choose to place your attention on.

Your attention is your energy and it is everything.

Focus your sweet energy on the things that make your cells tingle and what makes you feel most vibrant and alive. These are great indicators that there is magic in those things you love that are calling your name. Whatever is in your heart is not a fluke. Follow the deep joy you get from doing what you love. Please ignore those who tell you they see you doing this or that. Sometimes we never talk about what we really love with other beings because it seems too farfetched or out there. Those dreams you have that you “think” are too far fetched…will be. Why? because you have already engraved in stone that these things you want to do ARE far fetched. You are creating a limit before you even started to embark on a journey. That is not an attitude that can make your dreams possible. You have to believe completely in your wild ideas even when people tell you that you are unrealistic and a “dreamer” Geez thank goodness for unrealistic people that dream!!! This life would be incredibly boring without them. Leave the people who do not encourage you to the wayside, the people who truly love you will be encouraging you and rooting for you from the moment you have a spark of an idea to the moment that idea is fully flourishing. These are the true friends and the community that will help you thrive. Watch carefully what people are telling you and be around those who uplift and encourage.

Everything you want to discover is already here. Do not doubt yourself and keep moving with the energy that is in alignment with your heart.

You are amazing.

Express Yourself <3