Movement As Love


What is this movement that seems to make us hide from what we love? There is something within all of us that has struggled with doing what we love versus what we think we should do. Perhaps there are some people that have been fearless since they birthed out of the world, but for many of us we can say at some point we have struggled with really allowing ourselves to do what feels most natural and what brings us joy. Sometimes we move out of obligation, sometimes from fear of how things will work out, there are infinite reasons we conjure up in our mind pushing us away from our heart. How is it we keep these natural expressions hidden and why do we do it? What happens when we begin to express these gifts? What limiting beliefs have we grasped onto that separates us from acknowledging that doing what we love is the same movement as the sun rising in the morning and the moon shining at night?


At a time I continued to hide from what I love, busying myself with work that filled all of my creative time. By the end of the day I was drained and never left space in my life for what I truly enjoy. Art and creation. The natural expression of each of us will show itself in infinite forms. We are not obligated to be anywhere or do something that leaks our life force. We do have the right to express fully the beauty of the heart. Moment to moment expressing ourself organically as we move and groove. This was quite difficult when I was working against myself at a place that I simply didn’t want to be at. I use to believe that I needed to work at a job to get a paycheck instead of seeing infinite abundance and creative opportunity. I’m sorry, but I’d much rather hang myself then put my sweet energy towards work that makes me feel like I’m about to have a fucking heart attack, or worse become numb to the job and life continuing to stay. We all know regular paychecks are traps and they only keep us in comfortable beds of death. It is clear to me that I had to be exactly where I was for that time to learn that I can no longer do something that feels utterly forced. The more space we experience inside, the less we believe we need a certain lifestyle to SURVIVE. ARE WE HERE TO MERELY SURVIVE? The more we open our eyes and allow natural creation of what we enjoy, we begin to live fully instead of existing in what seems a mundane world. We see we are truly living a magical existence. The beauty we so hope and pine for is actually much easier to see when we leave energetic spaces which no longer serve us. These energetic spaces that we think are in the physical world are simply reflecting what we are holding onto in our heart. When we see this we are able to swiftly move into our natural hearts resonance that knows exactly what we need.


What begins to occur in our life when we allow ourself to express authentically? We begin to feel the natural vibration within, the subtle energy that is already flowing. We see that our mind we were believing to be real was given the power to feel that we are separate from our natural movement in life. In an empty state of being, when we are not believing the mind, we flow like a river. Magically everything that comes through us knows exactly what to do. We don’t need to do lists or calendar reminders to tell us what to do. We simply move freely. In this state we are part of the natural unfolding of life instead of pushing it away. We rest in the beauty of now, creating what so naturally wishes to come forth and not pining for the future or longing for the past. This authenticity and complete naturalness of being is where all power and magic arise.


We hold on to limiting beliefs because we are fearful. Its a funny game, but sometimes we don’t want to see the simplicity that we are free. We convince ourselves we must stay at a job we hate, doing something our parents wish for us to do, spending time with people who are interested in things we no longer care about. Who on earth said we were obligated to do these things? Why are we so quick to believe that these are the cards we were delt? If one is in misery than there is also another way to navigate, the ability to move with a different energy. Many forces may come to work against the freedom of our movements, but there will always be contradicting forces to judge in some way. Sometimes we gotta just flip the bird and carry on doing what we know is true to ourself.


What happened to our childlike essence of play and laughter? Doing the things we know we enjoy but consider them “not a priority.”  Our being is before anything else. If we find ourselves in a state of agitation, sadness, fear, they are simply temporary feelings passing through. We keep identifying with them instead of knowing our infinite vastness that allows all energetic movements to dance within our being. Why believe one thought that feels bound to a certain way of living? Why not ask, what would feel good for me to do today? What is naturally inspiring right now? If we continually feel mediocre or average on a daily basis, maybe even depressed or suicidal, we have to look at what we are believing in. One thought or feeling believed in can take our whole world to hell. You are allowed to move in this life in a way that is in alignment with you. You have full permission to try these crazy ideas you have and to dance and play like a child. You have full permission to travel the world or stay in one place and build a beautiful home for yourself. You have FULL permission to move naturally as you wish to. Everything you DO is a symptom of your internal state. Nothing inside your world of thoughts and feelings needs to be changed in order for you to “be a better person” or to be “happier.”  We simply pay attention to our being and cut off the juice to the poison that we keep running to. If we pay attention to this natural state of being before all the thoughts and feelings everything in the world will be seen as magical, beautiful, and amazing. The job you have, your family, everything shifts when you are seeing with the true beauty in your heart. It is not the things outside that need to be shifted for you to live some sort of magnificent dream life. We are here to wake out of the dream life and to live in our divine naturalness. We don’t need to become “enlightened” in some sort of imaginative way we may think it SHOULD be like. Our waking out of the dream can be simple. We are awareness itself. We are NOT humans being aware of something. Awareness is here, always present, we simply confuse this with something we can gain. What happens is all things in the “outside” world will be showing you what you need to see inside.  We begin doing things we naturally love when we are moving from pure awareness. We become light and playful. When we are angry we see everything as ugly “outside” When we are in natural emptiness inside, our pure vibration, all outside is beautiful in our eyes.

The movement that hides us from naturally expressing our gifts and naturalness is attempting to run from ourself. However, Life is supporting our naturalness if we stop running to fear. Pain and fear can come, but this does not stop us from being who we are at our core. When we move from our vastness beyond the pain or fear that may come we move from our authenticity that already knows the natural movements we will dance in this life. This is where the freshness of presence is, the magic and the juice of life. This is where authentic creation stems from that is not bound by limited beliefs.

Let us remember to play and see the game of life. We are here for a little while. This can be really fun….you are pure spirit….keep dancing.



Express Yourself <3

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