Natures Medicine


Nature is an incredible medicine~

When we are outside in nature we are reminded of the expansiveness of our being. It is easy to get caught up in self doubting and pessimistic thoughts if we are inside the house all day getting trapped in our mind. It can actually make everything seem much worse because we are already in a closed space within the mind and also the outer world, in the house all day. Even if there is a feeling to just want to curl up in bed and feel sorry for oneself, I promise you the best thing we can do is drag our ass out of bed and go on a walk! Or even go sit in a park somewhere. But I promise you, fresh air in the lungs makes a huge impact on how you feel. This is the most inexpensive remedy on the market:) Don’t you notice how you can’t stay mad long after you take a walk and spend some time breathing in that amazing air filling your lungs? There can still be a perceived problem going on but you can feel that something is clearing up with each breath you take.

Why is it that nature makes us feel so good? For myself when I’m surrounded by so much beauty in all around me, naturally it is showing me my own beauty beyond my current problem. Reminding me of a greater perspective instead of a limited and narrow one. I have never looked at a tree and judged how it is. That would be strange wouldn’t it? Why do we do that to ourselves? I have heard many people complain about things in themselves that I find beautiful. Nature is a constant reminder that things are perfect as they are. It puts us in a space of ease and removes any worry or fears we may have. Nature always brings us back to the present moment where fears and doubt cannot reside. As we look at all that is in nature we are shown how things are moving with great ease. Even the storms brewing are raging with tremendous ease.

It is reminding us to flow in accordance with what is most natural to us in the moment.

All states are accepted and allowed on this journey, it is only our resistance to them that makes them more difficult to move through.

Any depression, anxiety, or problems that maybe occuring cannot get clarity of thought if you are fuming inside your house watching Netflix. This could be a temporary distraction but if you really want something to shift inside, movement in nature is an amazing way to help clarity of thought. Nature is a great reminder with its cliffs, steep terrain, and raging waters, that we cannot be comfortable all the time. Sometimes we stay inside when we are depressed because we don’t want to be seen and are hiding from ourself. We cannot remain comfortable if we want to live. We have to throw ourselves outside of ourselves and stretch our capacity in the way that expands our boundaries.

When we are in nature it is always flowing. Raining, storms, sunshine, snow, animals that could love you or bite you, terrain that is easy or seemingly impossible to climb. NATURE always moves in its own way and shows us to give up this control of what we think should happen in life. Everything occuring is specifically designed for our expansion beyond our limits. These lessons aren’t always smooth, but the avoidance of them will only make them more rugged.

When we take ourself in nature we are reminding ourself of your natural state. A state that is raw and wild where anything and everything can happen. Nature is our reminder that we can die at anytime. When you see skulls and bone on the path or a hawk swooping down to catch its prey.

Nature shows us how our time is short here and we need to value our time while we are here.


Whatever problem you bring into nature you can allow to dissolve there and wipe your slate clean once again. You can do this anywhere, but if you are really struggling, natures embrace can always be a guide. Allow yourself to be nurtured and held by the beauty of the wild and let yourself be as you are however you show up. There is nothing wrong with feeling as you do. Whatever you are going through. Nature does not judge you and is showing you to not judge yourself for what is moving through you. Cycles of ups and down are crucial. From your “downs” there are the most beautiful births that take place within this. You have time to feel life and think more deeply than if you were experiencing joy.

Be  greatful for your lowly states for they will always give rise to the greatness within your being.

Natures medicine is here to remind us to be fully in ourself as we are. There is no need for judgement or denial because the greatness discovered within you can be birthed from the most tremendous pain. Honor both states, but know when it is time to rise above the lowly ones. Do not let yourself stay in states of pity for too long. Mourning for a loved one yes, feelings of sadness or anger, Yes, let them flow naturally and without resistance. If you are simply feeling sorry for yourself….this is a place that is a destruction which will decay. Let all pass through and carry on. Let nature be your guide to remind you that Life and Death go hand in hand.

Before you leave this earth let what does not serve you die within you, so you can share your being fully with those you cross paths with.

Nature shows you silently who you are beyond all states~


Express Yourself <3