One Hour Daily Focus…Changes Everything


It is easy at a certain time in life to stray from our passions and do things which we do not cherish instead. Somehow valuing “making it work” instead of being happy and doing the awesomeness our heart craves. There will come a time that it is not easy to do those things which were always “easier” to do, like going to a job that drains you and spending time with people who don’t inspire you. You start to get bored of that old way and you begin shedding your skin into what you are really born to express. Be thankful if you can no longer do what depletes your energy. It may be a hard transition, but you will be able to live in joy instead of merely trying to get through the day. Why on earth would you want to live one day walking through mud? Only to be happy that you can collapse to sleep and forget about what you were doing all day? What about collapsing to bed after doing everything that is in alignment with you that day?


I cannot tell you how many times I have said I will do something and haven’t done it in my life. Now I can see how much that takes an effect of how are reality becomes. My attention now is focused on things that truly bring me joy and inspire me. This radically shifts what I know I can and cannot focus on. Once you begin discarding all the mundane you don’t really want or need in your life you open the doors of to a whole new universe. What lays before you is the opportunity you have created to dive into what you enjoy. There is a movement now that is occurring and many people are starting to realize they will start doing whatever they can to go more deeply into what brings them joy. It is incredibly inspiring and we need to celebrate this because this is a force field that causes a shift for beings to do what they truly love. This is a support system for all of us to be creative, joyful, and abundant in all aspects of life.

Ask yourself if you are focusing on what you love?

Can you answer confidently?


If you are focused on what you love for one hour a day this focused hour will start to expand into all aspects of your life. Can you focus 100% of your self for one hour a day on what you love and dedicate yourself fully? If you can do this, over time you will be excited to focus your energy on what brings you joy more. But sometimes we have to take small steps so we don’t burn ourselves out all at once. I know that I have tried overloading myself with too many projects to work on and I ended up feeling drained and exhausted. Now focusing 100% on a few things I feel energetic and excited. So first I encourage you to ask yourself…

Am I really doing what sets my heart on fire?


This is important. Sometimes we do something that isn’t actually what we REALLY want to do. Somewhere inside there is a false belief that the other passion you want to embark on could be unrealistic. I encourage you to ask yourself, are you doing what truly excites you or are you settling for something else? I can give you a hint that if you are struggling for awhile with something that you think you love, it might be because there is something higher that turns you on. So take some time with this and explore. It isn’t always immediate, especially when we have been investing our time in so many other things that are not in alignment. The last thing that needs to happen is you stressing yourself out forcing yourself to try and figure out what the hell you want to focus on. That won’t help you to discover, but may end up causing you to give up prematurely. Instead shift that energy. Be EXCITED that you have this opportunity in life to explore and LISTEN to yourself deeply. This is about expressing your gifts and discovering them out of sheer joy.

We cannot wait for circumstances to change for us to embark on a journey that we crave. Dedicating even one hour a day fully can start to change your entire perspective on what is possible. Try starting with this and see what magic unfolds when you do~

You are amazing.


And have a gift that is waiting to burst out.

Express Yourself <3