I was gifted The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck a few years ago, it became much more than I anticipated. It beganĀ to open me up and pull writing from within me. I didn’t understand in the beginning, but now I see it was the perfect tool that drew out my energy. Life has a mysterious way of revealing itself when we are open to exploring. This is where magick is birthed. Tarot is a tool for introspection, contemplation, and clarity. Tarot has the opportunity to reveal our inner landscapes and provide a platform for great change if we so choose.

What you will find on my blog are unique interpretations of The Wild Unknown Tarot. These posts are written from experience and intuition, allowing what comes through the written word. I could not complete the card unless I have already moved through the energetic embodiment of what that card holds. There were times I would begin writing a post, but until the lesson had completed itself or come through “to the light” it wasn’t possible to finish the post. My writing will always reflect from this space of an organic nature with the ebbs and flows of life.

Before digesting anything I write, heed your own intuition first. My intuition is specifically designed for me, as yours is designed precisely for the evolution of your soul path. Allow yourself to be with and feel what needs to arise within your own self as you dive into Tarot. So often we can rush for an interpretation before listening within. Even if you feel you don’t know the cards well, they can trigger certain responses simply with the imagery. Listen and allow the cards to strengthen your inner guidance. As we listen, we begin to open and trust. As we trust more deeply in the wisdom that is revealed within us we begin to honor this guidance with no compromise to anything less than what is deeply felt. Tarot is one tool with the opportunity to reconnect us to all divine and human aspects of our spirit.

With Love. Moon Magick Mira.