Red Lips & Sexy Tips


As I write about fashion and makeup I will always tie it back to our internal life in some way. How I see this incredible face and body we have is a miraculous canvas, I feel we can learn to play and be more creative with ourselves! We can have so much fun with these amazing bodies we were born with and truly embrace our style and magic that we have. There does not need to be such a heaviness or emphasis on what we look like, but a fun opportunity for expression and self love. I have met too many women that are complaining or judging something about themselves, even about the smallest imperfection. It can come out in subtle ways, but can reveal a lot on how we truly feel about ourselves. We don’t need to look perfect all the time to feel amazing. The amazing feeling comes from inside before we ever truly feel beautiful on the outside. So, if you aren’t feeling so hot there are most likely other things brewing inside that need some attention. In a low feeling state you can put anything on or nothing at all and always feel like you aren’t good enough or look pretty enough because a deeper shift needs to occur. So as I speak of hair, makeup, and clothing throughout my blogs, remember none of these things will ever make you feel good if you aren’t in harmony with your self. It will only be another mask worn over your fears that you will know is covering something else up. I encourage you to always pay attention to your internal state to see what is going on and ask…how do I REALLY feel? Then you can pay attention to all the outer deliciousness your heart desires because it will be a raw expression of self and not some projected image of masking fears.



As we step into the playfulness of makeup…A color that I correlate with SEXY is always red. I know red is classic, but we all have different opinions on what sexiness is. Red will always be my favorite color on lips, in all the color spectrum red encompasses. Whenever you have a outfit on that is missing one element you can always add a juicy red lip stain or lipstick to completely change the look of your outfit. Color brings everything to life. It is a bold and beautiful way to share your smile and for a sexy date with your love. For some reason whenever lipstick gets added to your look for the day the entire theme feels complete. Its the last piece to the puzzle to make you look as good as you feel.



Does it make you nervous to try bold looks? Why? Sometimes when we are afraid to try bold looks it is because we are afraid of what others may think or we feel that someone is staring too much. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be self conscious about your expression. No one really cares as much as you do, trust me, it’s all in your head. Trying different outfits on is like wearing a different personality. It doesn’t effect the core of your being. It is simply a fun play for you to treat your body as a magnificent canvas. Bold lips are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy those amazing lips that YOU have your whole life! I encourage you if you haven’t tried bold lips before try a shade of red you love and see how you feel wearing it. I promise you it will be fun and you may even feel like a 1920’s movie star. For those of you who are wearing red everyday try getting a different shade you haven’t worn before or try not wearing any at all! Its always good to change things up and feel good with a full face of makeup or none at all.

Remember, you are playing with your expression. It should never be something stressful. It is fun, light, and playful if you let it be that way. If you are a raging bitch in the morning because your hair is giving you a hard time you might want to check in with what the big deal is. I promise you it is fine…and you aren’t making your mornings very fun;)

Have fun.

Stay Healthy.

Shine your magic.

Share your authentic beauty that comes from this Great Mystery.




Express Yourself <3