Revel In Your Cosmic Beauty


You are here to be completely and naturally yourself. When I say this I mean what feels natural for YOU. NOT for anyone else. If you want to put glitter and paint all over your body for the day I think that is completely natural for you to do that. Being natural has nothing to do with wearing makeup or none at all. It has to do with you being authentic to yourself and how you wish to express that day. Please don’t let anyone fool you thinking they are holier than thou because they are all natural and don’t wear makeup. YOU ARE NATURALLY YOU. ALL THE TIME. THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN OR CANNOT DO TO CHANGE THAT. HOWEVER YOU SHOW UP IS PURRRRRFECT 😉 MEEEEOOOW!


I’ll be  sharing a lot of cosmic fashion because it is such an amazing reminder of the cosmos we discover within. How FANTASTIC is it that even FASHION wants you to wake up to your INFINITE SELF?! IS THAT NOT AMAZING?! If you haven’t tried pastel hair colors or vibrantly juicy ones. NOW is the time to do it! It’s a magical mermaid, cosmic star angel, divine expression that reminds us that we are really beyond what is tangibly seen. When you see these images it reminds you that you are beyond these flesh and bones, one with the entire cosmos. You are not here to walk around like a robot fulfilling tasks and taking orders. You are here to live and breathe in this majesty we find ourselves exploring.


We are here to play in our divinity and embrace the magic that is pouring out of our cells. Remember that we are the vastness beyond what is seen. When you embrace your unique style and share it with others you are also reminding them of their authentic self and remind them its okay to play and be as they are. There is a reason why the nature of beauty is so powerful and why we are so drawn to it. It lures us in and makes us want to know a deeper beauty within. It is as if outer beauty is present as a seduction. It seduces two beings together in a way that leads to a deeper union which brings light to all which no longer serves the souls purpose. So revel in your authentic beauty and keep being a cosmic star angel swimming through the galaxies with your pastel mermaid hair and vibrantly beautiful heart. YOU ARE AMAZING.

Express Yourself <3