Share Your Love When People Need It


A friend called me today and is going through a really hard time. Losing family and friends to suicide, homeless, no work, and feels completely alone. We hadn’t spoken in months, since I left Hawaii. I was happy he called because he really needed someone to talk to. He has experienced everything in this life. Everything life has to offer he has had it. And he’s tired of it, exhausted, he wants to connect with himself. Everything he has had, he no longer desires. Having all the things in the world can never satisfy the thirst of feeling truly alive. Feeling vibrant and feeling happy. No THINGS will ever quench that thirst. We can try, but time and time again we are shown we actually don’t want any of these things.

My friend reminded me of two things today…

  1. We need to love and support each other. People kill themselves because they lose all hope, feel that there is no way out. But when someone comes to the point of ending their life what is truly missing is their connection with themselves. This is the most beautiful opportunity for my friend to connect with himself again. He is tired of his life and wants to go beyond all the BS and discover his source. We have to remember sometimes the breaking points in life are the birthing pains of a more beautiful one. A life that can be experienced with fresh eyes. When a friend is at this point that is perceivably low and YOU can see the light at the end of the tunnel, its good to be there as support. Sometimes when we are in the darkness it is really hard to have a wider perspective and having someone to express fully with is crucial during those times.
  2. Everything that can be taken away from us we cannot invest all of ourselves into. EVERYTHING material will go, we can’t take it to the grave. People will also leave us and we can’t rely on others to quench the deep thirst of the connection of all that is, but we CAN support each other and share our love.

I see what my friend is going through as a beautiful place in life. When everything is stripped away from us we are forced to connect with ourself. I’m writing this today because we all go through hard times and it is important for us to connect and lift each other up. We are all here together and sometimes a short conversation can go a long way. If you are a joyful person SHARE your joy, if you have talents or gifts SHARE them. They bring light to the darkest times and remind each other of how beautiful this life is. In my heart I feel my friend has been through so much in his life that he has an amazing opportunity right now to start sharing his story with others that can relate to his struggle. He’s lived the gang life, had a million dollars, successful business, traveled the world, none of it was worth it he says. This is a time for us to RISE and to share our stories to lay a more beautiful path for the others.

My prayer is my friend will rise above this hardship as the one he truly is. And I pray that we all take more time for each other when we someone needs it. We are blessed and life is even more beautiful sharing our blessings.

Share your heart. Share your magic when people need it.


Express Yourself <3