Show Up Exactly As You Are


Are you afraid to show up as you are? I’m talking about being overly self conscious about being YOU. Do you think you will push people out of your life if you aren’t showing up a certain way? I truly hope you stop giving a damn. The majority of the time you are worried about how you show up, most often, you are the ONLY one worried about it. The other person isn’t thinking about you at all, simply reflecting your own insecurities about yourself.  I can say with 100% certainty if you are with someone who isn’t holding space for you when you are being sad or crazy and can’t get through those times with you, they do NOT deserve your love and energy because times aren’t always going to be glittery and cheery.  When you aren’t at your highest you will want support from people that allow you to express in all forms. You do not need to put on a face for yourself or anyone else.

It is important to feel free in yourself to show up as you are in all ways, with all feelings that arise, and in all situations that you find yourself in. When you are feeling tight, stuck inside your head, nervous, sad, anxious, depressed, uncomfortable, or fearful in any situation or moment in time… this is great. What a perfect opportunity to dive into that moment and go beyond the discomfort of the feeling and still show up as you. Even if you feel like a mess, it is okay. Let yourself flow like water does and don’t try and stop the natural movement of what arrives. Everything you experience can be an opportunity to be thankful for being here, alive, and able to feel. This allows a fluid movement of tough experiences to not remain feeling stuck and walking through mud, but to truly allow them to move through.

If you are ever feeling a certain way around someone, ask yourself where is this feeling coming from? Am I feeling relaxed or on edge around this person and where is this arising from? Most of the time we feel good around someone is because there is an acceptance of each other the way you both show up together. There are no feelings of discomfort because you can be inside out of yourself without any self consciousness. Why is it some people make us feel uncomfortable, or is it us that is uncomfortable? In my own exploring with this I always find any feelings that arise comes from my own response to what is happening. Most of that time the person who pisses me off or irritates me is poking at something within me that needs to be seen. As much as we wish it was the other person that is irritating or we simply don’t like them, many times its an indicator to do further investigation on within ourself. All of these types of experiences is an opportunity for greater seeing and expansion. This automatically creates great ease and relaxation into ones self because of the mere simplicity of being available to look within.

Ask yourself when you find yourself in a situation that is setting off an emergency alarm within you. What do you do? Do you get up and leave the situation so the feeling will go away? Where does it really go when you get up and leave? We have all done that at some point but it always shows itself later. Do you stay where you are, uncomfortable, but allowing whatever this motion is to come forth? Do you say BRING IT ON BABY?! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS IS! This response will always lead to a deeper change within because there is a sincere part of yourself that is willing to look. Automatically when there is a willingness this is turning off the rejection response which makes the whole experience much smoother. You cannot trick yourself to smoothing these things out, you must be sincere in the looking. Do you get sucked into the moment and feel completely stuck unable to move? It is important to know your response because it is an indicator to habits that you have cultivated over your lifetime and how you engage with adversity. If your heart is sincere in the way you genuinely want to look at yourself then I see you as someone being able to move through much hardship with an amazing grace that WILL help you surpass whatever arises. It is as if there is an eternal YES in your heart that wants to meet life as it is in all moments without trying to avoid the moments unfolding. You my friend, do not need to worry. This trust and love for life alone will allow you to overcome many obstacles because you will be the one who sees them as opportunities to see more clearly. Tremendous power in this way of looking.

As you show up exactly as you are this automatically opens up space in any room to allow others to be as they are. Remember to not be so hard on yourself or others as hard moments arise. Don’t think that you need to be a certain way all the time to be yourself. Your self encompases the entire universe that is ALL THAT IS. If you remain stuck to a certain image of how you should appear you will always feel trapped in a cage. Your being is vast and can hold all that arises in your lifetime.


Allow yourself to show up exactly as you are.

You are AMAZING.

Express Yourself <3