Suicide & Depression


I recently talked to a friend that went to a conference about suicide. Apparently more people kill themselves than die in war…that is INSANE. I didn’t know the number was so high. I went on Instagram and typed in #suicide. There are MANY accounts on cutting, suicide, and depression and all these people wanting to end their lives. They feel hopeless & alone. Its Fucking HORRIBLE! To die before ever giving themselves a chance to live. There are over 5 MILLION SUICIDE POSTS! Photos of cutters and people hurting themselves. This is a very REAL thing. Even if it is only for attention these are the people that could potentially end their life before they have the chance to explore and live outside of their depressed state of being.

I know from age 14-18 I can relate to this because I went through a lot of depression and suicidal thoughts. When I really think back during that time it is because I didn’t feel felt or understood. I think at that time you really don’t want someone telling you how to live AT ALL. You really just want to express and feel heard in a genuine way. I came out of that phase, but what about the people who don’t? I’m SOOOOO beyond happy that I got through it and never killed myself. But what about all these other people that are suffering now? When you are IN IT….you never think it can get better. You are at too low of a state to realize even the possibility. All day every day the same negative patterns are repeating themselves inside, which blocks a lot of space and navigating a different way of thinking.

When there is no internal space there is no room for seeing clearly. For the people going through these hard times we need to show them compassion and love. They need to be felt and heard. The last thing they want to hear is someone telling them what to do. It is better to LISTEN to them and hear them out. FEEL what they are going through and allow the heart to do the talking if there is anything to be said. Definitely not the solutions the mind feels is appropriate telling them what they need to do. Sometimes all we need is a compassionate loving ear. One person listening in a real and honest way can completely mean the whole world to someone and impact them in a great way. Even if the listening doesn’t end up in an instant solution. Sometimes the solution is in the listening to what a suicidal or depressed person is going through.

If there is anyone in your life going through a hardship remember to give them your full love and attention. It could save their life. If it creates just a tiny space of relief that tiny space can grow within them to see hope in their experience. Listen and appreciate them for opening up to you and sharing their heart. This will help so they don’t feel alone. Part of depression and suicide is you feel you have no one and you feel disconnected from life. We are all here together. May we listen with our hearts and remember that sometimes the listening itself can create the tiniest shift inside that changes an entire universe within that person. May our empathy for each other be expressed fully.


Express Yourself <3