Surrender Connected and Free Oracle

Surrender, Connected and Free ~ The Alchemist’s Oracle

Surrender Connected and Free Oracle

All that is aligned for our journey is already flowing. It can seem like the opposite when we arrange roadblocks and resistance on our path. We do this to experience the contrast of what feels in alignment so we can navigate with discernment. Surrendering in one way simply means aligning with that which is already what we are. All that we enjoy, all that brings pleasure, all that we are attracted to and everything that feels in alignment is springing from a rawness of being that desires to express authentic alignment. Beyond all which makes one believe a disconnect from life, here within the surrender is full alignment with what is natural and what one desires to create. That which is eternal, omnipresent, infinite, this is the vastness we are before that which we desire to create. This is the awareness humans are, this awareness is here before we begin creating that which we’d like to experience. As humans manifest into tangible reality we ignite the flame for allowing these intuitive desires to spring forth.  Surrender is only needed when you believe you are a separate person that is divided from all of life. Surrender can be a powerful tool when we feel as though there is a split. First and foremost what are you surrendering to? Is it necessary to surrender, or is a simple shift of awareness into presence enough? Allow yourself to tune into presence and see if surrendering is necessary here.

The more isolation and separation is felt, the more we create a story that it is necessary to surrender. As we were birthed into physical manifestation, we have already surrendered to life. What if we naturally move and continue living in this way that feels true? If we truly know and embody full trust that all is divinely guided and we are taken care of, we align naturally with what is is to surrender. This is surrender without effort. The more we doubt ourselves, life, and spirit, the more we will have to continue to surrender with effort and tension. What if we look at our lives until now and see all the miraculous ways we have been cared for? If we are able to sit and read these words most likely we are fully abundant and well cared for. Think of times of hardship and how those too passed, only leading to greater clarity and unearthed deeper understanding and meaning. Look at your hands, how divine they assist us all day and we barely give thanks for them. Our feet that take us everywhere yet we completely forget without them we could not work, walk, or play. How is it possible to have these exquisite earthly bodies that we are somehow not surrendered to? What happens when we allow life in each moment to guide us and show us to surrender from our raw wholeness? Not out of fear, but because life is celebrating our very opening, the recognition of raw being. This raw being within that holds all of life, before ideas or concepts of what you are – this energy is highly intelligent and divinely unfolding. As you tune into presence the surrendering and path are revealing quite naturally. If one is so keen to surrender and to keep surrendering does this mean you are not already fully surrendered? We are born in a time where many great beings walk the land, standing in their power fully not looking back. In the truest form of surrender, allow your unique being to be led from within -unwavering and full. This is the most subtle and natural surrender that doesn’t require anything, simply the naturalness of its own being.

Surrender, Connected and Free Oracle

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