Grace radiates the Ace of Cups. Nourishment on all levels of being are expressed fully in the present moment. One is radiating contentment and ease with life that is permeating through ones field in juicy and creative abundance. Filled with the spirit of love and not an ounce of conflict with what is. All that is arising in relationships, work, creative endeavors, health, and all areas of life are naturally flowing. This is giving tremendous space within to play in life. Originating from a space that feels clear and open. Full allowance of the divine play is fully present. One is moving with full trust in themselves and life and seeing/feeling all is Grace unfolding of ones existence.

Ace of Cups is the sweet nectar of life that is is pouring itself into you and you are giving birth to what you are seeing/experiencing. One is full of the pure energy of existence, a child’s essence with a mature depth and unending appreciation through experience of being. The one who has pulled this card has recognized their inherent freedom and the freedom of others and all of life that is present. When one pulls this card there is no wanting life to be manipulated in any way. There only remains a deep awe of all experiences and unfolding that have allowed one to be exactly as they are. When any subtle manipulation leaves the being there is an immense freedom which extends to all of life. This pure and untainted love moves in all areas of ones life, with a deep relaxation that allows creative freedom to abundantly flow in every aspect of being. This is not something one can try to do, but comes from life naturally stripping away what is not true. This frees up ones entire energetic field to dance in the same frequency as source energy without draining this natural energy we are all interconnected with. As one is in their natural state all things are birthed with this love and raw power.

This is a time where immense creativity is pouring through. Allow and let it be, whatever form it takes. Allow the natural play of what comes through to come through. Completely and wholly without judgment or fear. Whatever springs forth at this time is what is most sincere from ones being and will be a gift not only for oneself but for those who cross your path. The essence of what wishes to come through now is coming from not what you think you “should” do, but what simply has been dormant until now. Presently, enough space has been felt within your being to fully allow it to be birthed. The invitation is to say yes…and to trust your own voice and intuitive body when it comes to allowing this creation or movement to come alive.


Love is the essence of this card. A love untainted, it is pure and unconditional. As one is experiencing this within, naturally you will be attracting this same love within your relationships. One will be meeting or have already met a pure reflection of what is held inside the heart. Allow this love whether it be friendship or lover to expand reaching into the depths of your being. This love, when we are open, will expose dark spaces within us that are waiting to be seen. We don’t always know what is hidden within our being and often when we meet in love with another being we become mirrors for what is hidden to be seen and acknowledged. This is something that can be celebrated instead of hidden. This will only create more space for deeper love to be experienced within oneself, within relationship, and all of life. Although painful at times to go through it is only life breaking us open to discover more beauty and love within our being. The invitation is to allow the love to guide you even when the places you may go can be dark and sorrowful. Life is only reminding you to feel fully and embrace the totality of you and not only one spectrum of your being. The love that is experienced to such an incomprehensible degree with the Ace of Cups is because you have allowed the totality of you…to be. We aren’t here to only dance with the light, but to discover even greater depth within our challenging experiences. As we say yes to all that comes we are telling life we trust fully to all that is here.