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Eight of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Eight shattered white chalices are at the foot of a dark mountain with an unknown horizon beyond. It is time to move forward and leave the past behind. Eight of Cups is about a great change that is known or felt within. Something must shift. Or you have already decided to take the leap. Internally, there is already the presence of a gut-wrenching knowing that you must move in a new direction. As you travel the inner and outer realms of life, you begin to take on what is fulfilling and rich in life.

Three of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Three of Cups is a time for play, enjoyment, and glittering citrine celebration of song. You embody dance, celebrate festivities, devour delicious decadent food, and gather with those who support your soul- work. Three of Cups is an invitation to luxurious self care before reengaging your focus and direction towards the new, abundant, overflowing and juicy, royal adventure ahead. A solid foundation has already formed in spirit and the physical realms. Your actions have united through Spirit to guide you in a positive, creative, and heavenly alignment. Your energy is merged with pure being, the heavens, and earth.

Four of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Absorbed in darkness, a rat rests atop four cups. Above him, a white light represents pure awareness and a crescent moon symbolizes intuition. Cups represent your wide spectrum of the emotional body. Feelings, creativity, imagination, connections, love, and relationships with self and all of life. The rat is sitting in the dark on top of the four cups being offered. Four of Cups asks if you are seeing what abundance is here right now, or are you imagining a state of darkness? What are you wanting that you do not already have? How can you open yourself to allow the light of abundance in? This is a time that emotions are rising with ferocity and a time to fully be present as they arise. Take the time to allow yourself to feel what gifts you have within and around you. Open to see your present moment experience and all the beauty which is already in your field right Now. In order for you to see your present moment reality, invite in the emotions that arise. As you invite them, with love and gentle acknowledgement, you allow your field to clear and naturally come into balance.