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Eight of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Eight of Wands illustrates a circle of wands meeting at the center, with a rainbow lightning bolt striking from the top. This jolt of energy has been waiting to burst forth. A creative project that has been marinating is ready to be reengaged with and come to completion. Eight of Wands is a new project coming forth with no distractions present, only focused passion. There is a balance here with aligned action and creative raw ideas, working simultaneously for a vision to fully luxuriate.

Daughter of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Daughter of Wands is the expansive and artistic grace and ease that moves within you. You are a free spirit at the inner most part of your being. As you listen deeply to intuition, you give yourself full permission to move in heart aligned direction, with full power. You perceive limitation as barriers to move through, assisting your highest expansion. You take each stride with humility, love, and respect for this Divine orchestration. You are in unity with the creative expression, divinely unveiling itself in every moment. You discover your freedom in the natural unfoldment, leaving behind your past, whilst caring for each lesson discovered. You are not scared of the future or where it will lead. You are moving with a quiet confidence that knows you are always placed where you need to be for your highest alignment.

Ace of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Ace of Pentacles is filled with vibrant and inspiring energy. Pentacles are associated with the earth element and the material realm. Ace of Pentacles is connected to the physical realm of material and financial aspects of life. It is also recognition of abundance in yourself that is the invisible thread connecting you to the material. This can be a new idea arising that can expand into a prosperous venture, both internally and in the physical. A new energy emerges inside you to bring a fresh outlook into your business life and expand on what you already have. This could also be embarking on a different journey entirely that can be more fulfilling in all aspects of your being. Your are seeing with clear vision. With everything you do at this time, there is an unending well of vitality propelling you forward. You are trusting this clear inner voice, guided purely by grace.