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The Hanged Man, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Hanged Man card depicts a bat hanging from a branch in the night. He is wrapped within his wings. Something is being being protected. Though what it is, is yet to be unveiled. A series of deaths based in illusory aspects of self will bring the Hanged Man full circle. Through major transitions, he releases old patterns. This empowers his wings for flight. The bat hangs in the dark, his head hanging in the light. This reveals that you must go beyond the limitation of darkness covering your light. Through this you expand into a higher level of being, bringing you into the next stage of evolution.

Mother of Swords, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Mother of Swords is a wise owl perched atop a sword, peering directly into you. Horizontal lines in the background symbolize a vast space, from which she is looking. The Mother of Swords is not swayed by emotional or mental turbulence. She has elevated emotional intelligence and solid grounding, as she has gained maturity through her journey. Although she has a ferocious look on her face, that may not seem compassionate, she is deeply loving and fierce.

Eight of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Eight of Wands illustrates a circle of wands meeting at the center, with a rainbow lightning bolt striking from the top. This jolt of energy has been waiting to burst forth. A creative project that has been marinating is ready to be reengaged with and come to completion. Eight of Wands is a new project coming forth with no distractions present, only focused passion. There is a balance here with aligned action and creative raw ideas, working simultaneously for a vision to fully luxuriate.

Mother of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The Mother of Pentacles is calm and nurturing. A momma dear and her fawn nestle in comfort and trust. The Mother of Pentacles is resting. She lies down, maintaining her alert sensitivities, with an air of serenity about her. Earthly colors of pale green and blue behind her symbolize her connection to the physical world. The light purple at the bottom of the card symbolizes her connection with Spirit and how she moves intuitively. She does not worry about her young, because she knows that life will always care for her and her family. This relaxation that she feels in life is what allows her to move with great trust and ease. The Mother of Pentacles asks you to embody a relaxation in your life that allows you to move like water. As this relaxation is discovered, you feel life is flowing with pure Grace.

Ten of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Ten of Cups reveals the embodiment of abundant energy exuding from your vibration. This is the fruit of your labors. This card represents the fulfillment and deep gratitude for life that has completely shifted your experience to the highest vibrational alignment in every breath you take. When you move with this wholeness, an ease and grace nourish and bless the entirety of your life. This energy ripples out into the collective. This presence of wholeness is what heals yourself and purifies the world. This inner-standing needs nothing from the world to be fully in this light. Ten of Cups emits a rainbow light stream that gives and receives equally. Great peace arises as you continue opening and receiving the light from Source.

Daughter of Swords, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Daughter of Swords pierces softly through illusion. The owl sees through the game of fear and the strong sense of false identification of self. She sees through illusion, and rests in her star filled being. If identification sprouts within yourself as fear, remove the power of this invisible ghost. Fears that arise within are internal responses that are created by the false self appearing real. These fears that have been nurtured and protected, gain strength each time you bow down to their force.

Ace of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Ace of Pentacles is filled with vibrant and inspiring energy. Pentacles are associated with the earth element and the material realm. Ace of Pentacles is connected to the physical realm of material and financial aspects of life. It is also recognition of abundance in yourself that is the invisible thread connecting you to the material. This can be a new idea arising that can expand into a prosperous venture, both internally and in the physical. A new energy emerges inside you to bring a fresh outlook into your business life and expand on what you already have. This could also be embarking on a different journey entirely that can be more fulfilling in all aspects of your being. Your are seeing with clear vision. With everything you do at this time, there is an unending well of vitality propelling you forward. You are trusting this clear inner voice, guided purely by grace.

Son of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Son of Wands depicts the aspect of you with aligned and highly ambitious energy. As you work each day, you are fulfilling the visions of fire and earth to existence. The snake is wrapped around the wand, protecting this vision, and releasing all not serving his path. The snake protects his endeavour from all those who try and deter him. He knows the vision must emerge to complete this cycle of energies, birthing his next cycle. The Son of Wands card is authentic and clear expression.