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Ace of Wands, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Fire energy is radiating expansive glory from one single wand. Growing from the wand are three blossoming flowers. The three blooms represent mind, body, and spirit. The internal power you are feeling is merging these three aspects of you naturally. As growth happens on all levels, you are refining subtleties within you and tuning into spaces that were neglected before. Where you decide to point your wand, this point of awareness is where you will experience the most expansion. Ace of Wands is the reflection of a great internal fire moving inside you. The nature of this card is mirroring this power. There is a momentum building as choice and action merge. Choose wisely at this time what you are fuelling. This potent energy needs to be honed in and used productively. This power and action are one. Use this energy to the highest potential. There are windows of opportunity that are available for a specific time. When you are in tune with your being, you can ride that energy with harmonious timing.