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Tag: Intuitive Tarot Reading

Son of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Son of Pentacles is gazing down, his attention is a one pointed focus in a specific direction. Where his attention is present there is light, the rest of the card is dark. He is reminding us where we place our attention is where we will expand the greatest. The present focus is on his work/vision where he is putting every ounce of his sweet attention. Above him is the crescent moon and pentacle. He is led by his intuition which is grounded in the earthly realm. Through experience his intuition has become refined and trustworthy. At this time his attention is in the details of his work. Son of Pentacles is grounded in his being and he moves from the unwavering space within him which does not lead him astray. He knows his vision can only be fully realized if he puts all of his attention towards his vision every day. The Son of Pentacles is a maturing energy which takes the exciting energy of an initial vision and puts it into day to day action in order for the vision to fully embody in physical form.

Day to day action will be successful as the energy is present as is the desire to bring forth vision to reality. The Son of Pentacles is chosen when the energy is present to bring forth tangible results and not one that simply holds ideas or concepts that are fleeting. This is the time to allow oneself to be fully involved in creation and allow what wishes to flow through to seduce ones full attention. The seeds have already been planted, watered, and now they are ready to bloom under your feet. Every action taken now will not be gone to waste. Moving from your being in the direction that feels in full alignment will feel clear, light, and open. Because this vision is moving from this space it is bound to do well with all action and energy toward it. Moving with the wholeness of ones being as well as the commitment and action combined will bring this vision manifest. The Son of Pentacles does not seem to be going fast, but slowly and attentively. The details are much more important than speed.  Allow authentic naturalness to be priority before anything else. With this way of moving there will be a realness in the vision that will speak for you and be shared with those who align with what is shared. Time will vanish when one is immersed in this natural space of creation.


Son of Pentacles is building a foundation. The capacity may not be understood to its fullness, but it is being nurtured, cultivated, and created each step of the way. Son of Pentacles is moved by the moon, his intuition, and honors this space within him and in others. Because he moves in this way the foundation he is creating cannot fail because the foundation has been built from within and not from the material realm. His strength has been gained from the peace within his being which is now beginning to create a world and vision which can be shared with more than just himself. He has a solid way about him that does not bend or break easily. Through experiencing what he has this far along his journey he has insight and wisdom to share that will be useful to others. This experience and insight will come through on the project he is currently focused on. All dots are connecting and he does not doubt which way he is moving, he simply knows that he must take consistent action each day for him to share his experience with others who may benefit.

Two of Cups, The Wild Unknown Tarot

Drawn are two white cups contrasting a black background with two red roses equally touching one another. The Two of Cups is not as strong of a card as The Lovers, however, it has infinite potential to go in that direction if both parties are willing to embark upon the depth of this journey. This card can indicate any kind of relationship, not only a union between to souls. It can indicate a partnership with ones work, the relationship with self and all of life, goals, creativity, friendships, and any aspect in life that one is presently united with. The cups are white indicating purity and innocence and the dark background indicates that many subconscious layers have been faced in order to reveal the purity and innocence of the white cups. Roses vibrate at the highest energetic frequency of any flower on earth. Roses remind us that within the fullest energetic capacity of our own being we can share this within a love relationship as we continue to be true to ourselves. If it is a project, goal, creative endeavor, work, or other union it is the possible to develop a genuine growth and bond in all areas. If one is moving in accordance with their unique path one will be in a strong union in all relationships that are present. At least, the potential is there. When we move from fear, selfishness, or greed in any way, our relationships will reflect this state. We are able to choose to move through these states if we have the willingness/honesty/transparency to do so.

Relationship with Self

Will always be the number one relationship.  As we continue our journey we have the beautiful gift of discovering ourselves and living in accordance with Spirit. Whether you call this Higher Self, God, Authenticity, or Being Yourself….its simply a different use of language to express our divine/human essence. As our relationship deepens with ourself we will see a depth of relationship around us that is showing us our own capacity of connection within ourselves. As we become more in line with our unique spirit our relationships will be in accordance with our vibration. People will come in and out of our lives as we are individually changing and growing. Long term deep relationships will continue to enrich our journey. Relationships will come together and fall away in natural ways as we are all on very unique paths learning specific lessons for our souls purpose/expression. The more we nourish ourselves from the inside we will be an emitter of energy instead of one who is only taking or trying to draw in energy from others/environment. As we feel full internally this will extend outward in our work, creativity, love relationships, and friendships. We are all doing the best we can. Two of Cups invites us to cultivate compassion and gentleness with each other when differences arise. When differences occur many times the answer is more love where there is frustration and confusion. As the compassion and love deepens for ourself it will naturally extend to others and all of life.

Love Relationship

Represented by the Two of Cups is an inspiring relationship that is equally fulfilling. Each partner is coming together with the intent to walk their individual paths allowing spirit to guide them while loving and supporting each other as they go. The lovers see that if they are each fulfilling their purpose/expression than their bond can move through the obstacles that come. Where the Lovers Card is more likely to be a longterm partnership the Two of Cups has less strength, but the possibility of strength The Lovers card has is still possible. The Two of Cups indicates that both individuals have the power to walk through the fire, but it may or may not happen within this partnership. All the inner spirit work that has been experienced by these two souls has been testing for both and much of their hurdles have been successfully overcome. However, they are still maturing in their being and may only be in each others lives for a very specific time. Either way there is tremendous deep inner work that has united these two for each one to expand tremendously. Each relationship is never wasted. Consciousness does not waste anything through experience. Learning is always occurring. Whether the relationships continues or shifts forms, it has changed each one to discover a deeper depth self.

Creative/Work Relationship

What is our Relationship with work and creation? The more we know ourselves we will stop leaking energy to that which doesn’t serve our spirit. We will stop working at jobs that drain our energy and we will start working and creating with what is purposeful and meaningful to our individual paths. The Two of Cups is a reminder if we are working/creating in a way that is not in alignment that we can create space everyday to work in the direction we would like to see expand. When we create space for what is in alignment for our unique path we naturally are inviting in a new direction. Perhaps you cannot leave your job today you don’t fully love, but maybe if you put an hour aside a day to what you love this energy will keep expanding until transitioning fully to work and create in accordance to your hearts truth. We are all unique and what is good or exciting for one is not good and exciting for another. Two of Cups asks us if we are nurturing our work/creativity in a genuine direction? Or do we still think it is impossible to do what we love? Two of Cups says there is always a way to nurture our work/creativity each day, even if it is for 5 minutes. As we do this, we will see how this expands over time. We will see and feel the fruits that come from our energy investment.

The Hermit, The Wild Unknown Tarot

The tortoise, quietly sitting with a lantern upon his back. There is nothing in the world for The Hermit, he discovers this and dwells within the place that cannot be named, spoken of, yet gives life to himself and all that is seen and felt within the world. He dwells here, for this is where the essence of all life springs. The Hermit is in a period of incubation. Simply merging with his own source and dwelling in this sweet honey nectar, he cannot describe. He gives value to this time alone and deeply knows he must remain silent and still as life is drowning him into the ocean of his being.


The Hermit solitude is not purposeless and those who may try and convince him otherwise must not be engaged with at this time. There is a purpose for this necessary solitude with oneself and honoring and allowing it to be. This period allows our own wisdom to spring forward allowing ourselves to be our own guide, not relying on a guide from the world. The Hermit is listening, feeling, and discovering the depth of his own being. The depth he is discovering feels ancient. As he rests in the vastness of his own being he sees how he has allowed or restricted life. He appreciates the unending beauty that springs forth from his being and the infinite expansion he is intricately woven into. This time in The Hermits life is not necessarily linked with much doing and action as it is a very introspective and contemplative time. However, when action does spring forth whether now or in time it will be right action in accordance to the Hermits unique path. There will be a undeniably natural movement when the time comes for action.


Sitting still within ones own being is a beautiful way to discover our divine essence and to move from this space with grace and ease. This essence is beyond what arises within its sphere {thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs} yet contains all that is found within. The Hermit has normally experienced tremendous pain before going into the phase of solitude and this pain brings him to question all things. This pain can be thought of as a gift, because this pain will make one question life and how they are moving within this world. As we sit within our vastness and discover our own miraculousness we discover that we do not need anything from the world to fill our lives with. We are discovering the abundance we thought we need from the outside can only be satisfied if we truly feel that this abundance is already here springing from inside ones own being. The Hermit does not go into solitude in hopes of gaining anything besides discovering his own freedom that is his birthright. The Hermits self discovery is an ever expanding journey that has no end. He discovers a deep contentment in himself as he is no longer deeply disturbed by leaving his body. The Hermit discovers the infinite nature of himself and all beings. This allows a deep gratitude to take over his being and allows him to be a true instrument of the divine. The veils of illusion continue falling away and the truth of the divine is all his attention gravitates towards.

Four of Pentacles, The Wild Unknown Tarot

..::.. Four of Pentacles ..::..

Checking in with ideas, beliefs, material/environmental  aspects of life. Is there a tightness that blocks off our natural movement and flow of creativity/life force? If we are tightly bound or wrapped up in particular ways of thinking/being we can confine ourselves into a space that works against our natural divine flow. When Four of Pentacles is pulled we can ask where am I gripping so tightly and is this serving my highest good or am I going against myself? There are times it is wise to be confidant in our ways when it births from deeply from ones heart. However, this card is referring not to a healthy focus and confidence in ones path, but an unhealthy and rigid nature. This is a reminder of a time where openness and softness towards life will reveal new doors to us and it is okay for us to loosen the grips of control.

Sometimes life can seem like complete chaos. Everything appears to be going insane…like a huge disaster. The Four of Pentacles is a reminder to trust through these times. Instead of trying to control every detail of life, can we trust that all is happening for one to expand and learn from this experience? Everything is not as disastrous as it may seem and sometimes we will be tested to see where our faith is. Does one persevere and learn from experience? Or, does one try to micromanage aspects of life to feel safe and secure within unknown realms? At times we can cut off doors of opportunity and creation when we try to put everything safely into boxes. We can ask, is this a time to control my situation or is this a time to truly drop into trusting life and the miracle of existence?


Being here is a miracle.  When we remain open and trusting  to life we are naturally moving in harmony with the miracle. Where do we cling tightly to our experience causing rigidity? What aspects are we moving freely and openly dancing as the harmony? When we look at aspects of our experience that are in harmony and other aspects that are not we can ask where is it I am cutting myself off in this area? Four of Pentacles asks, Is it possible that I am restricting or even murdering aspects of myself that simply wish to be allowed to move without restriction? We have the opportunity to check in with our ways of thinking/beliefs and look at our life experience up until now. Where are there beliefs and actions in our life that we have given so much energy to that have been contributing to cutting off parts of ourselves that wish to exist? This is the time to feel ourselves. We can check in with any feeling of restrictions and ask what is the source of this restriction? It is here that when we choose to look and contemplate we can learn to navigate in a new ways that are healthy for us. This is exciting because we continue to discover new parts of ourselves that wish to come out of dormancy into full vibrancy.